[I want to penetrate your mind

Live in your eyes

Divide your thighs

Realizing I had spent years starving inside]

[Can I dance atop your tongue

Reside in your chest

So That my essence is your very breathe]

[As quiet as kept

I desire to be your secret

in a society of social “transparency”]

[Can I wrap my hands around your throat

suffocating you from ever spewing self-hate

Where I will then hang you on walls

Enshrined so others will have discussions

of your glory]

[Take me deep in your mind

deeper in your body and piercing more than flesh

ripping and rearranging old ways]

[Tension eased and insecurity destroyed

help me grow until it no longer fits

shower it and let it be the nutrients needed to exist]

[bounce back and forth til tug of war turns into

BDSM scenes and discipline that actually entices you

actually excites you, a space filled with invitation only

yet taken like it was never offered.]

[Open up and as I take charge, please hold on

I’d love to give you permission but your privilege has been revoked

lay back, embrace, and admire me PIERCE your universe.]