You took time, I am not upset. I gave you two weeks notice. The beauty is I plan on working my job and even putting in overtime.

Stepping out, don’t touch a door, or for that fact anything you don’t need to.

A conversation which includes everything from work banter, to travel, goals, this is now escalating.

Watching you walk away, as you purposely poke it so that it can be admired.

You knew exactly what that would do to me.

Returning from a freshen up and friendly update to your council.

I see you smiling and it does nothing but make me mirror your brightest moment.

Is it not sweet that you are slowly unraveling and as you are shedding everything but your clothes.

I step away just to show off like the kid going to sharpen his pencil I want attention to be brought to what is now in my presence.

I laugh, you chuckle, you ask questions and I answer.

Thinking is available but a connection is what is now becoming of our one experience.

Two moments ago you invited me up Three minutes later you are playing the music which places you at ease.

Forward we move in dialogue and as we look up it is now 5.

Where did the time elude, rays now peeking through the blinds?

Standing up straight my watch says 6 and at this moment you have made it quite clear you want me to remain.

As we decide on breakfast, dinner well digested, we begin to continuously describe life, philosophy, fashion, spirituality, and all seven virtues.

A movie which brings laughter 8, 9, and you seem to have been perfect at 10.

Lunch is now on the horizon and somehow nothing has been accomplished today.

By accident, everything has been completed for the day.

Your hand meets mine and noon we laugh again at how time has slipped.

Now 1 we couldn’t see things becoming this but apparently, this is new for you and me too.

3 has found us the hard way and charm is ultimately orchestrating this whole ordeal.

For the many times, you blink and the  5 o’clock shadow is now dawning as the sun is brginning to set.

I could definitely see myself enjoying another Date Night.