Aaron Douglas sometimes referred to as “the father of black American art.” A major pillar in the Harlem Renaissance Douglas was often overshadowed in popularity to the musicians but his work is unmistakable and remarkable. Jean Michael-Basquiat was riveting youthful and more importantly has become a timeless centerpiece for all artist alike. Greatness is linked to greatness and artistry is inspired by art. This young lady is absolutely no exception, a mother, a friend, but all that is only parts of this artist. Stumbling upon Keadra at an art & activist event she is a creator with no qualms about it being her genuine path. The father of black American art has a granddaughter who may be following his path. Basquiat knowing himself as a creator and artist may have a soulmate. Without further introduction.

It would be my pleasure to introduce and Spotlight Keadra Jeter

I recently was able to pick her mind and view her artwork which is available at kxmedia.wixsite.com

1.)   Your favorite artist of all time?

I actually have two favorites – Aaron Douglas and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Aaron Douglas is one of the first black artists who was highly recognized during the Harlem Renaissance. His ways of incorporating our history from being kings & queens in Africa to slavery to freedom is very inspirational to me. Basquiat, on the other hand, is on a different spectrum of art. His art had a mixture of graffiti and African artistic styles – skulls, bones, arrows, etc. They both have a way of making sure a part of history is included in their work.

2.)   What artwork do you look as inspiration? (3 pieces)

Honestly, I don’t have three set pieces that I look at for inspiration. Normally social media or going to an art gallery sparks some kind of inspiration for me.

3.)   How does your art correlate with who you are as a person?

My art encompasses me as a person – a young urban girl with a unique style that fits in but also stands out. I want to be different and have my own style, so people can say “I know exactly who did this piece.

4.)   Who exposed you to art and what age were you?

My mom and brother exposed me to art as a young tot. imagine being about 4 or 5 watching your two favorite people in your life just being creative and you just get your pencil and pad and creating scribble-scrabble lol.

5.)   Who’s your go-to critic for honest feedback on your work?

My go-to critic is my mom. She complains about every little detail but in the end, it makes me grow more as an artist.

6.)   What makes you stand out in a society moving towards artistic expression?

I think my personality and aura is something that makes me stand out.

7.)   Who is Keadra? (In 12 words)

A free-spirited woman who lives life creatively and inspires those around her.

8.)   Do you create in silence or with music?

Definitely music!

9.)   If in silence, why? If with music what artist get your creative juices flowing?

Phora, Rotimi, my brother from another mother Josh Bass (@iamtriggaj), and J. Cole. There are other artists I listen to as well, but these artists come first on the list then flow to others.

10.)    If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would that be?

Any artist…… I’d have to pick my idol Aaron Douglas, Leonardo Da Vinci or Raphael. Learning about older techniques in art straight from those artists and incorporating them into my art would be sensational (Future voice)

11.) What “no” helped you push harder into your art?

“You can’t survive in this society as an artist” was the common “no” that pushed me harder. I currently work full time as a graphic artist and continue my passion at home by painting, so it looks like I’m making it as an artist technically lol.

12.)   Who/What/Where inspires you?

Life itself, meaning experiences, people, entertainment, everything.

Below is a brief slide of some of her favorite pieces.