Welcome and please have a seat.

Do not fear what may happen, I can assure you nothing but satisfaction.

Has your day been long? Is there anything you need? Hungry? Thirsty?

No, let me get that for you. You seem tense is there anything bothering you?

Would you care to turn on some music? Any request? Glass of wine for you? Red or white? Sweet or dry?

You smell quite exquisite what fragrance might that be? notes of Jasmine and hyacinth?

Now that we have gotten comfortable, can we dive deep or would you desire to test the waters first?

Or would you prefer to watch me swim and you enjoy the view?

I assure you I am quite skilled aquatically.


If you need to gain composure, find time to do so.

I can only awe and admire your physical prowess.

Your mind is scintillating, darling where did you acquire such great brain.

Your discussion and passion is quite the goal of many dignitaries.

I enjoy you so deeply, yet I make it seem so superficial.

Underneath I have a deep passion for you darling.

Can I give you exactly what you need?

I’m all ears, do tell me, exactly how you desire it to be.

Conversation, topics lets draw from the hat or simply find discussions that overlap.

Feminist woes, financial capital, artistic ambitions, fashion green lights and needed omissions, historical functions, and iambic pentameters of newly introduced hooks.

I seek to arouse your mind, in such a way that roleplay takes a new meaning. You be Storm and I Black Panther. Interdependent, yet considerably self-sufficient. My attempts at your mind are my illicit forms of mind control. Artificial Substance not needed, no pills or weed, X or drink. My mind has been freed. Delayed by none other than effort and attempts. Books can teach theory but life is best served while living it.


Are you living or simply existing!

Your next answer will tell me


Written by Confident1al

Discovery within discovery, a place of genuine growth! Expressing through the many ways I feel comfortable and uncomfortable doing so....


  1. Oh My Goodness!
    I could not stop reading, mainly bcs I didn’t want to stop. I enjoy your artistic abilities!
    Dope & fresh! 💯


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