The miraculous feat of caring for someone intimately.

It escapes my heart.

I no longer feel tingles.

I and all my exes have cut our strings.

I dare not give any away for my heart is void.

I laugh and desire a deep passionate connection.

I can’t seem to shed a tear as I’m no longer ignited by passion.

Purpose runs away and focusing on a connected love seems to be only worth the words.

I discuss my flaws and try to hone my strengths, I feel obsolete and maybe impatient is a better adjective.

Then instantaneously I become stricken with darkness.

Matter which seems to engulf all that was once intentional and premeditated.

It suffocates quietly, swiftly, and whilst my attention is occupied.

Unassuming, Diligently amended.

Not like the movies show, where it is solely destructive no this matter has a purpose.

It has strength.

The separation is a point.

Power, Direction, and most importantly Endurance.

The limits are lifted and all obstacles become void!