Midas touch is what God blesses my heart with, gold trinkets, gold medallions, Golden nuggets, and slugs. Gold melted and covered ever artery, vein, and chamber. All four locked and welded together by Gold encrusted ideas. Solid externally but internally a heart like any other. Physically it wanted to be valuable and cherished, internally it was broken and hurt. A heart that was blind to fact and deaf to reason, only to beat to a pure and precise rhythm. Pieces of me broken and forced to remain inside the shell of Golden Gates. Please release me as it somehow has a way of allowing in more than it can let out. Does it not end or does it continue to way heavy? Held on by the laughs of yesterday, the desires of tomorrow and the constant uncertainty of today. Please, Heart of Gold, can you compromise with me, is everything love and your way is attempting to break the vast mold over my heart or is this shell the very cast which keeps my heart beating. Dying of heartache is far more deathly than the loss of consciousness. In the loss of consciousness, people take care out of obligation. Yet mending broken hearts is a task that takes time, requires attention, most of all it demands accountability, then it rebuilds trust and ensures it remains healthy.

Heart of Gold you are the rays of sunset and the warmth of sunrise. Serene and beautiful but the beginning and end of all things in between. Gold you are the starting and finished product you are the light that emerges from the night and the last beams of vision before dusk.

Heart of Gold you are the searing high noon which smolders and burns so passionately that you have to believe you can heal from its burns, it is faith and it is the unbridled extension of transparency, truth, and unfortunately, it is not always pretty.

GOLD takes time to find and even many can imitate but the true GOLD cannot be confused with Pyrite. It cannot be mocked by gold plated or even diluted by ROSE GOLD. No, It is a beast it is a volume of silence, forgiveness, and no mercy. It is saying everything and nothing at all. HEART OF GOLD, it is heavy and most don’t have the ability to carry a heart which weighs SO HEAVY. Imagine a boisterous room going quiet and at that very moment, fear meets its very own ANTAGONIST.

In the darkest hour and abyss, a HEART OF GOLD emerges courageous, stronger, and resilient. 

Not many can even fathom carrying it, so it is no surprise many cannot handle it…