Call me, just to discuss childhood trauma.

Text me, your theory on conspiracies against colorful youth.

Let’s walk and discuss old songs, great features, House desires, and favorite meals.

Listen when I share my insecurity so we can empathize when you share yours.

Honestly care, not because you benefit but because we both do.

Allow me to protect you from battles, you don’t need to fight.

Please yourself, then let me see what that looks like so my vision isn’t jaded.

Inspire the world, so I can root you on and never leave you without an admirer or solid supporter.

Cheer even when I’m on top and it’s easy to do so, when I’m on the bottom encourage me so it’s never to hard to bounce back.

Feed my soul, enlighten my spirit, and embrace me. Then let me mirror you and reciprocate.

Care for me as you would care for yourself.

Let me be apart of your peace but never the source, because my presence may not always be available.

Remember me even, when I do forgettable things.

Trust me AND when I make a mistake correct me.

Love me so that I can learn what it feels like.

Bless me, so that my heart can continue to beat.

Caress me, not my ego but my back and my mind.

So that I know nothing behind me can resurface.

As well as nothing in me can destroy my peace.

Intimacy, believe that it can be achieved so we can experience each piece.

Then let’s soar!