Dear Black Woman,

Some days are tougher than others, some days the passion seems faded, some days it’s just one of those days.

I promise it get better with time, I promise you become wiser, I promise you become stronger.

Yet those days you truly have to dig deep and realize your strength, mind, body, and spirit are the complete map and compass.

You navigate us to higher planes spiritually, sharpen our minds mentally, ease our bodies physically, and strengthen our connection emotionally never forsake your powers. You are the hero everyone idolizes to be.

Born Pamela Suzette Grier in Winston Salem, NC before there was Instagram models the emergence of beauty and acting was met with Pam. She was fierce, bold, and whole lot of woman. In an era of Blaxploitation she was the face and one that garnished much praise. Sexy, Sultry, yet strong.

You know, I had to bump heads with a lot of men in the industry. They were not comfortable with showing a progressive black female in an action role. As a strong woman, I was seen as a threat. There was a fear that women would mimic me in real life. I remember certain people saying: “Oh, she’s taking our jobs, she’s castrating men” — as far as I was concerned, I thought: “We don’t need to walk behind you, we should walk beside you.” -Pam Grier

As much as I can remember Pam Grier was like this iconic woman, she was the talk of the elder black men she was sophisticated yet quite relatable. She was the perfect blend of simple perfection.

Like the older lady who all the men swooned over and you could absolutely understand why even though she was years beyond your own age.

Because of Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, & Eartha Kitt

Pam Grier was able to open up more doors for black women to be leads and not only through sexual explicitness but various lead roles for modern day Sheroes

with Pam we were blessed with

Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Janelle Monae, Nia Long, Regina King, Megan Good, Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, Tariji P Henson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Zoe Zaldana, Regina Hall, Phylicia Rashad

Sexy, Seductive, and Strong women in TV & film no longer a taboo and heroism no longer gender biased these women have revolutionized IGNITING real and fictional stories alike.