1] When did you realize your womanhood?

After I turned 25 last year. It was then that I sincerely felt I entered into womanhood, but true adulthood.

2] In a world moving towards Woman empowerment globally, where do you find yourself?

Since coming into my own, I have embraced and encouraged the concept that women, too, are sexual beings and have the right to sexual freedom without facing criticism. 

3] What ways do you express your womanhood creatively?

I began to express my womanhood through my writings and poetry last year. However, due to limited time I have not been able to cater to DeMire’s Domain as much as I would like. 

4] What ways do you feel being a woman has held you hostage to stigma?

The expectation that, as a woman, I should be married and have kids right now keeps me suffocated. So often we align a woman’s worth and success on if she has a partner or children. Even though I am focused on my career and grad school right now, I have many days when I feel worthless because I haven’t fulfilled this societal “norm” yet. 

5] Do you practice religion or spirituality of any sorts?

I do not. I have been reading about the Law of Attraction lately. Otherwise, I believe in God and having a relationship with Him…unfortunately, I have strayed. It is my intention to grow closer to him…soon.

6] As a woman what parts of you do you struggle accepting?

I struggle accepting that I am an emotional being because so many people (men mostly) shame us for being such. 

7] How does one appreciate you as a woman?

Words of affirmation are my top love language. But of course, actions speak louder than words.

8] What Women do you constantly find yourself looking to for guidance or wisdom?

My mother mostly. She’s the only person who truly knows me. She encourages me daily and is my voice of reason.

9] In a place of stimulation overload, what ways are you enhancing Ambria?

I love to read. I love to visit places of peace, specifically Loose Park. I like to be alone to collect my thoughts and recharge from the world. Stimulation overload overwhelms me so I go through phases where I go completely MIA. I always resurface though…

10] Being only a few generations removed from where women were not welcomed in the workspace or public opinion, how do you make your mark?

I still feel like women struggle with finding their voice within the workplace in such a male-driven society. I honestly believe remaining kind and feminine is the best way to make a mark.

11] Friendship is a key aspect to people and helps to build them in places once considered weak, what ways does friendship strengthen you?

Any particular friends or instances that you recall specifically? Everyone needs friends. I always say even if you have just one good friend, you’re blessed. Friends (of the same sex, specifically), help you stay level. They are there for fun but also there to bring you back down to Earth (hopefully). I know a lot of people, but I have a very small, core group of friends who I know will always be there for me. And vice versa.

12] Music and Love are universal spaces for connection, Three artists you currently listen to and how do you express and receive love?

Sam Smith, Khalid, and H.E.R. I express my love through providing affirmations, gifts, and thoughtfulness. In turn, I receive love the best through affirmations and quality time. I love when someone WANTS to see me/spend time with me. Often I overanalyze and overthink things. So when someone reassures me on a regular basis, I feel loved.