1] Who is Keadra as a woman?

Keadra is a woman of worth, a woman who takes time out her day to check on people. Keadra is a woman of many talents & hobbies, but also full of adventure. 

2] How do you adorn the world with your womanhood?

I like to inspire people, whether they are happy or depressed. There is always some words that will hit a person a certain way & add a view to their outlook.

3] You are an artist by trade what other avenues do you seek to express to the world?

I want to write a book but im unsure if i want it to be about life, a narrative, or what. Maybe something that if a woman is going thru a rough patch, they can pick it up & get a little advice. Idk – still a thought. 

4] Where were you when you first found your womanhood?

Where was I….. I think laying in my first apartment in 2010 in Kilgore, TX.

5] How do you look to inspire young woman through your art?

I look to inspire young women through art by reinforcing that they don’t have to be considered sex symbols or a “housewife” when they get older. That is a stereotype that needs to die. Young women can be anything they put their minds to be and that women are the most powerful being on this planet. Break that glass ceiling, go for that big promotion, take a leap on faith and start your own business. Possibilities are endless.

6] How does being a woman translate into today’s world?

(Dont really know how to answer this question without something being rude in there somewhere lol.)

7] How well has your experience as a woman been with other women?

Honestly, I don’t bond well with other women. I never have, mainly cause its majority men in my family. Every time I’ve attempted to become close friends with women, i get betrayed, stabbed in the back, etc. I have grown to just watch a person’s actions before even making “small talk”.

8] What woman dead or alive would you have a full day and conversation with?

Coretta Scott King & Rosa Parks

9] Keadra, the place you needed to learn most about yourself.

I’m still learning about myself. Even though we feel that we know ourselves, there’s always something new that we uncover about self.

10] What has kept you motivated as an artist and mother?

My son. Art is my passion and he watches me and looks up to me. He just makes me go harder daily as a mother & Artist because I want him to have a better life. And when I say better, I’m saying that in a sense of him understanding finances, credit, society, etc. because i had to learn these the hard way.

11] What way’s did motherhood change your perspective on your importance as a woman?

I had to change my way of thinking because i was 19 becoming a parent . I felt that I can’t do what normal 19 year olds do . The way becoming a mother changed my perspective of being a woman is because I began to understand things that my mother did and i felt was stupid or unfair . It helped me bond a lot better with my mom even though we were already close. It also gave me a bigger appreciation of women older than me by seeing how they talked, acted and even relationships.

12] What women sings the lyrics of your life?

Alicia Keys, India.Arie, & Erykah Badu