1] What does feminine energy look like to you?

2] As a vegan, what was the most challenging aspect of transitioning?

3] Creatively where do you draw inspiration from?

4] As a woman in the field of stage plays, who is your favorite stage play-actor?

5] You used to do poetry and even published a book, what did those expressions reveal about yourself?

6] How do you give Alexis to the world to enlighten and bring service to it?

7] What keeps you balanced in a world that is in constant flux?

8] Are you into any specific religion or spiritual practice?

9]If so, how does it bring out the best in your life? If not what helps to empower and bring out the best in you?

10] One woman figure who has helped to provide you with guidance in your life?

11] When you see yourself now as a woman, is this who you imagined you’d be at a young age?

12] Love is a foreign concept in today’s world for somehow do you give yourself love?

  • Amethyst is my current choice of stone. I’ve got a necklace, actually, that I wear almost every day.

  • I’m sure there are times where I’m equally imbalanced on all front ends of each chakra. In the present times I’d say I’ve heightened my focus on two, actually, being the sacral and the root.

  • Feminine energy looks like…

  • The most challenging aspect of transitioning to living plant based was a mix of acceptance (being the ONLY vegetarian amongst my group of friends in high school),  knowledge, and then desire to cook (lol). ( My meat free lifestyle just reached a milestone as I haven’t eaten meat in 10 years or so.)

  • My creative inspiration comes from the world around me, specifically interactions with youth, and then my own perspective through situations. Albeit, I’m an emotional person. I had to learn to funnel the feelings through to something with a goal of healing and then an added bonus of making someone else FEEL with me.

  • Hmmm… my favorite actors are women I’ve only seen on screenplays (tv) and I’m gonna go with Taraji right now. Currently reading her autobiography and it’s made me appreciate her so much more, and even teaching me to stay my course and know that my day is coming.

  • Performing and publishing my written works has revealed that there was a lot of darkness still harboring inside of me, but also showcased my willingness to learn to fight for resiliency. I’d always been into writing short stories and creating plots in my head growing up. Then when I got older, early college, I started to really have these dark feelings, a few night terrors, extended periods of insomnia and was very dissociated in class. I was looking for a safe space and I found it in writing and performing. 

  • I give Alexis to the world through my art and truth. I’m one to believe that all aspects of my life should connect. So I enter situations and encounters as honest and openhearted as possible so that myself and others I’m connected with can get whatever it is they’re seeking in the moment’s interactions. 

  • What keeps me balanced…. Funny as I’m a libra and we’re all about balance. I think that the way I’m wired, knowing that opposition exists: good vs bad, sweet vs spicy, hot vs cold, happy vs sad, etc. I know that they exist for a reason and having experienced them at some point in life I know how to navigate through. I often advocate or am vocal about finding happy moments in sadness. 

  • Religion is pending lol…honesty hour. lol. I religiously love myself and those around me. I work hard on developing stronger connections and to ensure others are valued. 

  • My mother has helped guide me. She’s always believed in me and is my #1 supporter. I’ve been able to glean a lot from her wisdom and even shortcomings. 

  • Hell nah! Young me swore I’d be marry with kids by now! (Haha) Okay but seriously, I think I’m more than what I imagined at a young age because then I didn’t understand the concept of time like I do today. I didn’t understand that we always have room to grow and when we limit ourselves on the basis of catching up to our peers we’re slowly killing our dreams.

  • I love love. Especially self love. I give myself love by being honest with myself, calling myself on my bullshit. Also I give me soft love. I date myself, workout, do at least one thing for myself each day (as small as going for a walk, cooking, writing, listening to a song that makes me feel happy.