] What does feminine energy look like to you?

 Feminine energy looks like gentleness. Femininity exerts its presence by simply being. It is known by the light it brings to the room without proving its there. 


] Creatively where do you draw inspiration from? 

Creatively I draw energy from God. He shows me spouts of inspiration through visuals. It may be through artwork, a phrase that I see, or simply through other people. Being able to walk through life and acknowledging the world around me gives me inspiration.

] How do you give Raven to the world to enlighten and bring service to it?

 I give Raven to the world by being myself, which is challenging at times. At my core, I am a soft, gentle, and loving spirit with a little feistiness attached. I am unique because my elevation and joy are not caught up with the ways of this world. I bring service through encouraging others in truth and love. 

] What keeps you balanced in a world that is in constant flux? 

Spirituality gives me a sense of peace. I can look at the clouds or simply take a moment and pause. In that pause, I can appreciate each breath I take. Moreover, this world may continuously change, I will not be discouraged because I can go back and focus on simply being

] Are you into any specific religion or spiritual practice? 

Yes, Christianity.

]If so, how does it bring out the best in your life? If not what helps to empower and bring out the best in you? 

Being a follower of Christ is my foundation. It brings out the best in me because I believe the Holy Spirit is working through me. My faith is tied up in the one who created me which gives me a peace that surpasses understanding. By trusting in the spirit I do not have to worry about having to walk through this journey alone or completing works by myself. He is working through me to accomplish everything.  That in itself comforts and guides me to want to accomplish goals that are world-changing,

] One woman figure who has helped to provide you with guidance in your life?

Hands down my mother! The sacrificial love she displays for her children is admirable. This woman taught me sometimes without speaking. I learned concepts by watching her life (and still do). Her guidance gleans from showing her love with actions that I may have not always appreciated or understood at the time, however, I appreciate them more than ever now.


] When you see yourself now as a woman, is this who you imagined you’d be at a young age?

 No. I would have not ever imagined the woman I am. I grew up being extremely shy, yet observant. I did not have much to say outwardly, and my confidence was wrapped up in societal standards I did not meet. I have always been different and for years I wanted to assimilate to being how other girls were. I had low self-esteem, dealt with suicidal ideation and so much more. Although I am still growing, I can humbly say I inspire others through my truth. Now, I embrace the differences I add to this world. I try to display being myself as an example for people to not ever conform to others around them. The woman I am today speaks without worrying about the opinions of others. My younger self would be proud of the woman I am becoming. 

] Love is a foreign concept in today’s world for somehow do you give yourself love?

I give myself love by feeding my energy with things that make me happy, empowered, and inspired. I give myself love by taking care of myself as a woman. My temple is valuable, so the way I treat it needs is important (healthy eating, adequate rest, and exercise, which is a struggle lol). I love myself by clothing myself with beautiful attire because it makes me feel lovely. I love myself by loving the one who created me. The word of God shows me how to love myself well because of the love God has for me. 


Favorite Song Currently- Worth it- Leacrae


]How would you best define being a woman in today’s society?

In light of the news, being a woman is hard, but it is worth it. We are being overlooked through a patriarchalpatriarchial lens which is draining. In light of that, this gives us a platform to embrace womanhood more than ever and I am extremely happy to be a woman in today’s society especially a black woman.

] What do sexuality and womanhood mean to you? 


] What ways do you embrace being a woman?

  I embrace being a woman through a constant understanding of myself. I embrace identifying with the question Who am I as a woman in this world “. I embrace emotions the world undervalues. 

] When was the first time you remember feeling being a woman was a responsibility? 

I don’t have a specific moment, but I will say that when other woman asked me for advice makes me think of the responsibility of women to help one another. We have to lean on one another to help each other on this journey.

How or in what ways does your womanhood shine a light on the world?

 My womanhood shines light through the love and courage  I have. I still have a genuine hope in a world that’s full of hurt and pain. I am not afraid to be loving to others. I am not afraid to believe that I can still change the world. That attitude is needed in a society that is in a rush. 

] In what ways can men show appreciation and respect for you as a woman? 

Men can embrace, respect, and support women. They can treat women as actual beings without objectifying or undervaluing her presence. Men can allow their emotions to understand a woman’s way of being, which is a completely different process than men. 

] The first woman who reaffirmed you and of your own powers? 

My Mother

] As society stands now we are shifting spiritually, how do you stay grounded while attempting to ascend upward? 

I stay grounded through remembering why I believe what I believe. I remember miraculous experiences that wouldn’t make sense to some. God is not a joke to me. I stay grounded in the physical and spiritual truth that has been presented to me through faith in him.

] Change is inevitable, in the near future what changes are you seeking? 

I am seeking more ways to help and make an impact. I am not sure what that impact will entail, but hopefully beneficial to the masses.

If you could sit down with someone dead(preferably a woman) and spend a week just talking to them, who would that be and why?

 Hands down, Maya Angelou. She was a woman who was different and used the pain through her life as an opportunity to enlighten the world without trying. Maya Angelou had a genuine character that you could glean from without personally knowing her. This woman was overall amazing and I would simply want to process life and discuss the world’s most tumultuous problems with her. Maybe we could review history and outline ways to alleviate those issues with community help.

favorite color Purple (Royalty)


a song that brings you peace? India Arie: Private Party



How in tune with your feminine energy are you? 

I am growing in tune with my feminine energy every day. For a while, I displayed less feminine energy because of emotional pain. I felt that I had to display more strength than I actually had.

What reminds you of your woman powers?

 The notion of childbirth. Although, some sisters have tremendous issues with this, the fact a woman has the ability to have another human being come out of her body is mind-blowing. The power within that says a lot about the strength of being a woman.

What expressions do you believe a woman should express more? 

I believe the expression of simply being is what women need to express more. This expression requires us to evaluate our actions. This requires us to restrain from comparing ourselves to other women. This expression requires women to embrace every ounce of their true self. This expression requires the women to love themselves without the opinions of others or the society telling them to be or look a certain way. This requires for women to know they do not have to prove themselves or make themselves known in a dramatic way. Simply be… 

For women feeling sexy is important, what makes you feel sexy or when do you feel sexiest?

 Honestly, sexiness for me is wrapped up in simply feeling beautiful without displaying parts of my body that fit the world standards of sexy. I can feel sexy with a nice outfit, light makeup, and the confidence that outweighs anything I wear. 

Mentally women are advanced what mental games or avenues do you use to strengthen your mind?

 Embracing my spirituality, processing my emotions and life in general helps.

In honor of women’s appreciation, what words would you say women could hear more often. 

Valuable, Gem, Unique, Precious, 

When did your womanhood get in the way of who you wanted to be? 

NEVER, my womanhood is a gift.

What was the greatest change you’ve made recently?

 I moved to a new city by myself to attend graduate school. Also, I am exploring and embracing my singleness in this space. 

Favorite part of yourself? (Physical, mental, emotional, musically, taste in clothes)

My spiritual self is my favorite. That is my foundation to function in a dying world. It helps me to love and care for others better. It helps me be the Raven my younger self dreamed of.

Society is changing do you believe it is becoming more open for Black women to succeed? 

I believe that somewhat. Black women have succeeded since the beginning of time. The world is simply trying to catch up to showcase the strides we have always made. The world still needs to deal with the permeated racism against black and brown people, but there has been progress. 

When you reflect on yourself and your journey, are you making your 7 y/o self-proud?

Yes, my 7-year old self would say: YESSSSS Queen, keep grinding! My 7-year old self will always be a motivation. She did not speak up for herself. She was overlooked, undervalued, and did not have many expectations for herself. I’m fighting for that little girl and many other young girls like her.