Dear Fall,

I missed you and am not ashamed to say so. At the very least you could have let me cherish you a bit longer. Yet you left me with that bitter bitch winter where she tried to leave me cold and unwanted. The first chance I had I sprung forward but was unsure if it was going to be beautiful or a constant rain. I quickly pushed away and let things heat up and my energy increased as days got longer and the nights shorter. Yet some days were so unbearable that I couldn’t wait to enjoy the night breeze. Even then I tossed and turned in my sleep.

Slowly all the fun was no longer fun and the shine was beaming directly from the sun. I thought that having all the extra was important, and then dramatically mornings became brisk and scents crisp. The heys turn into maybe next time, and the events a bore. As the leaves began changing I awed at you standing firm, branches cracking, leaves falling.

Yet like the strong tree that withstood the winter with me, you grew new in the spring, and bore fruits in the summer. Frustrated with so many aspects and different pieces. Sometimes falling into place plants the perfect seed. So you taught me that losing the right things can be beautifully painful indeed.