Dear Diary,

Today I had a light conversation with my brother. We kind of just had small banter not as strong as our conversation has been as of late. Yet it was one of those I’m grateful for this type of moments moment. I found beauty in something money couldn’t buy and media couldn’t portray and that is quality time. You can’t quantify that in any form of tangible currency it’s only exchanged in true love. We discussed relationships but I’ll save that for another time.

Well after that conversation I met a young man who was seeking a progression. I held a small dialogue, I pray he becomes a success in whatever light that he is supposed to shine. After which I took a walk and watched the sunrise.

Then me and my mother had talk over breakfast, my mother is another caliber. But, if you’ve ever met her you realize just how deep her impact reaches. Anyway, so we then ran some errands and just discussed things over.

My day was one I overall appreciated.

Today was insightful, reflective, and most of all an amazing day. I can say that love is an ever changing thing.

Today was beautiful.

It felt like the perfect Sunday in Fall…