Time will show the sturdiness of a system.

Time will allow you to see the truth unveiled.

Time will bring forth intentions set forth prior.

Time will give way to discussions had in privacy.

Time will bless you with the fruit of your labor.

Although it may take time.

It is not by mistake you had to wait.

You had to endure.

You had to rely on patience and resilience.

You had to cry and feel.

You had to lose and mourn.

You had to be overlooked and underappreciated.

You had to be trusted and deceived.

When you see, who you have become, it is no surprise.

It is funny how the worst things, are the very result of karma.

It is equally as interesting that those very bad things are the very reason for it all to become Immaculate.

Karma cares more about why than what…

Treat her with respect and dignity.

She will mold you into honor and royalty!