What does feminine energy look like to you?

Confident, nurturing, peaceful, and pure

Creatively where do you draw inspiration from?

My friends and family

How do you give Kamille to the world to enlighten and bring service to it?

As a student therapist in a Marriage and Family Therapy degree program, I work with many individuals, families, and couples to help them resolve their problems and discover peace. I also work with adolescent youth to offer guidance and mentorship to help inspire them to make positive decisions.

What keeps you balanced in a world that is in constant flux?

Staying close to my friends and family, surrounding myself with positive energy, and maintaining a relationship with God.

Are you into any specific religion or spiritual practice?

I consider myself a non-denominational Christian.

If so, how does it bring out the best in your life? If not what helps to empower and bring out the best in you?

Although I do not attend church as much as I would like, I do pray daily which helps keep me centered. I also receive daily scriptures sent to my phone to help me become better acquainted with scriptures so that I can grow spiritually. I’m a constant work in progress but I feel good about the work God is doing with me!

One woman figure who has helped to provide you with guidance in your life?

When I think of a woman who has guided me the most, the first person that comes to mind is my grandmother. As a woman, she taught me to always carry myself with grace and confidence. She was also a great example of a successful working woman who did her best to maintain a positive work/life balance. My grandmother was the first woman who showed me I can have it all. She instilled in me the foundation for my Christian values and constantly reminded me that I am capable of achieving anything I commit my mind to.

When you see yourself now as a woman, is this who you imagined you’d be at a young age?

Honestly no. As a young girl, when I imagined my life at 25 I pictured a married woman with children. I had no idea I would be living a different city from my family and working towards earning a Master’s degree. Although I still see marriage and kids in my future, I am happy about my current place in life and optimistic about the future.

Love is a foreign concept in today’s world for somehow do you give yourself love?

Yes! Self-love is crucial. In order to give and receive love from others, you have to start with yourself.

Favorite Song Currently

It’s hard to name just one song, but anything by Ella Mai and H.E.R. is a vibe!

How would you best define being a woman in today’s society? 

Being a woman in today’s society is difficult because we still have to work harder to be equally respected as men, but it is also beautiful because without us society could not function. Women are definitely needed and important in our society and it’s important for everyone to recognize that.  

What do sexuality and womanhood mean to you?

I support any woman and what they choose to do with their body. Sexuality is a beautiful thing and an essential part of womanhood. Women should be allowed to be free with their sexuality and do whatever makes them happy. Get it girl!!!  

What ways do you embrace being a woman?

I embrace being a woman in every way. I embrace the strength I have as a woman, my womanly intuition, and the nurturing spirit I have to care for others.

When was the first time you remember feeling being a woman was a responsibility?

Honestly, since I am a single woman with no kids the only responsibility I feel I have as a woman is being a positive example to my niece and other young women by offering mentorship and guidance to encourage them to make good decisions. Growing up I was blessed to have many women in my life to look up to and it has always been my goal to be that for other girls.

How or in what ways does your womanhood shine a light on the world?

I believe I shine a light on the world by a positive person and remaining supportive of others. It is my mission to help others in any way that I can and influencing the next generation of young people.

In what ways can men show appreciation and respect for you as a woman?

Positive affirmations are always nice to receive. A simple compliment shows great appreciation, as well as being a gentleman while in the presence of women. Open doors, pull out chairs, etc. These things will always make a woman smile.  

The first woman who reaffirmed you and of your own powers?

My mother. She always made sure I knew I am capable of anything and is the first person I call when I need words of encouragement.

As society stands now we are shifting spiritually, how do you stay grounded while attempting to ascend upward?

Prayer is everything to me. It’s truly the only thing that keeps me grounded especially in a world that’s filled with so much negativity and hatred. I begin each day with a prayer and that allows me to maintain a positive attitude and look forward to the future.

Change is inevitable, in the near future what changes are you seeking?

In the near future, I’m most looking forward to the changes that come with graduating school. I’m hoping for more stability in future employment opportunities and not feeling the stress of being a full-time grad student.  

If you could sit down with someone dead (preferably a woman) and spend a week just talking to them, who would that be and why?

I would give anything to spend another week with my grandmother. She passed away while I was in high school and now being 25 I just wish I could ask her for more womanly advice. I would love to talk to her about relationships and ask her advice on balancing a marriage and career since she did it successfully for many years.

a song that brings you peace?

Closer by Goapele

How in tune with your feminine energy are you?

I’m very much in tune with my feminine energy. I consider myself to be a feminine woman and that’s the way I’ve always been.

What reminds you of your woman powers?

I’m reminded of my woman powers every time I accomplish another goal I’ve set for myself. Things can become very difficult at times but when that happens I tap into my woman powers and remind myself of my strength and I am capable of anything!!

What expressions do you believe a woman should express more?

It’s difficult for a lot of women in my generation, including myself, to express vulnerability because of fear of getting hurt. I think women should know that it’s ok to be vulnerable with others and it is not a sign of weakness, but it’s simply a part of being human. None of us are made of steel and it’s ok to show a softer side to ourselves.

For women feeling sexy is important, what makes you feel sexy or when do you feel sexiest?

I believe it’s very important to validate yourself. When someone lacks confidence it tends to read across to others. I feel the sexiest when I’m affirming myself. Yes, I tell myself I’m sexy every single day. If every girl looked in the mirror every morning and said, “Damn, Girl you fine! Don’t kill em!” there would be so much more happiness in the world!!

Mentally women are advanced what mental games or avenues do you use to strengthen your mind?

I’m not really a fan of mental games. I honestly improve my mental stability by overcoming obstacles and learning from my mistakes. I try not to let my mistakes define me and once I realized the true meaning of life is really about growth I became a much more secure person. I’m also a realist so I don’t trick my mind into thinking something is true when I know it isn’t (like trying to convince myself a man is good for me when I know good and well he isn’t, for example), I just approach situations from a realistic perspective and that works for me.

In honor of women’s appreciation, what words would you say women could hear more often.

“You are beautiful”

When did your womanhood get in the way of who you wanted to be?

Never!! Although it is difficult being a woman, I believe being a woman is a privilege and that allows me to do anything.

What was the greatest change you’ve made recently?

I’ve changed so much in the past two years while being in graduate school. The biggest thing that I’m most proud of is my ability to remain positive in the midst of negativity. Maintaining a negative mindset is never good and it accomplishes nothing. I’m human so I won’t lie and say I’m happy 100 percent of the time but I do my best to not dwell in negativity or complain about things that are out of my control. I’m too blessed to be stressed!

Favorite part of yourself? (Physical, mental, emotional, musically, taste in clothes)

This is a hard question. I love every part of myself equally. I appreciate my physical appearance and mental abilities. I am very in tune with my emotions and my ability to express them. I’m not shy about expressing my feelings and I make a conscious effort to do so in a healthy way.  

Society is changing do you believe it is becoming more open for Black women to succeed?

I do believe society is becoming more open for Black women because more opportunities are being made available for Black women. More Black women are earning college degrees and finding their place in corporate America. Of course, nothing is perfect and there is still more progress to be made but I am optimistic about the future for women of color.

When you reflect on yourself and your journey, are you making your 7 y/o self-proud? 

Absolutely! I am strong, independent, educated, and I’m sure my 7-year-old self would be proud of the woman I’ve become.

What are you studying in Graduate School?

I’m currently attending Oklahoma State University to receive my Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.

What made you decide to pursue higher ed?

Upon declaring psychology as my major in undergrad I always knew I would pursue a higher ed degree. Helping others has always been a passion of mine and becoming a marriage and family therapist was the best way for me to do that. Becoming a therapist provides me the opportunity to work with individuals and families in multiple settings and serve more people.

What is your ultimate goal career-wise?

My ultimate goal is to become a licensed marriage and family therapist and eventually establish my own private practice. I also want to create a mentoring program for young women and offer advice on education, relationships, and all other things associated with being a woman.