Gazing into the sky at night, lost in an abyss of darkness.

Little trinkets adorn pockets of the canvas.

Only to be seen in the rural parts of this world.

The parts they say are underdeveloped or underprivileged.

Where night sirens and streetlights do not paint the ambience.

A place where peace is followed by occasional barking dogs, sounds of nature, and smells of earth.

Glistening a moon shape, some night absent others crescent, sometimes full and sometimes half hearted.

Animals adorn the sky, crabs, rams, scorpions, bears, lions, and bulls.

Twins dance in a balance of scales and a lady who see’s only opportunity to correct injustice.

Stargazing is like reading a book you know the words too yet somehow finding new images or ways to interpret what was once understood.

Like doodling on a blank canvas in your favorite color. The contrast of darkness is sprinkled with twinkling blimp’s of glow.

Airy fireflies which move ever so slowly but find ways to rotate.

Stargazing is much more than simply pointing out distant lights, it is somehow assuring me I carry those same lights in my own darkness.