Dear Diary,

Today I spoke intimately and it was refreshing. Now intimacy is not merely a form of expression that results in sexual favors no intimacy is necessary to bond and grow it is transparent and passionate. This intimate conversation was a man speaking to a woman, I wanted nothing but blessings for her as did she for me. We discussed a few fundamental differences, we laughed at past occurrences, we then ventured into self care, the nature of thankfulness & giving, and divulged into spirituality and the essence of life.

This conversation was heavy, packed with value, a few hidden agendas, and just a vivid back and forth. Which initially began as a check up and turned into a few hours of verbal sparring. Yet it was merely friendly nothing to crazy, it was sort of a coming of age, a mature culmination of life’s lessons and acknowledgement of growth. It was a prequel to the circumstances that I see to be arising in my life here soon. I loved every bit of the conversation. It was two adults discussing goals, meaningful relationships, and purpose along with priorities.

Today I had an intimate conversation with my mother, I reassured her the man she laid a foundation for would successfully make his mark and build a kingdom a top it.