Seemingly quiet yet boldly different. 

Seduction is such a subtle sport.

Yet you’ve mastered it, unbeknownst to you.

As have I, so the banter and coded gestures were merely a smoke and mirror.

I saw right through it and instantly I knew that you and I connected mentally, erotically, yet not desperately as it was a mutual meeting.

Smiling, light snickers, and admission to break personal space as your body was now winding internally yet stern and composed externally.

Acknowledging that those whom I’d already were acquainted could see the collision before it happened.

Our conversation was dripping with witty, intellectual, and observant questions and topics, so much so that it ignited passion and also intimacy.

So softly you invited me to your place for an extended interview.

It smelt of pure energy and natural intentions, nothing forced.

Welcoming me, in more than one way our initiation had begun long before I arrived to your bedside.

Unraveling you, mentally.

Undressing you of the thought, the split second of thinking was replaced with loud moans and soft whimpers. Subtle gestures of pleasure and intense balance of erotic pain.

We at this moment now face to face your mind merely as aroused as your pussy…

Both now oozing and yearning for stimulation and friction.

Quietly, we played a back and forth game of intentional twister.

Right hand on breast, Left hand on back, Right Leg on shoulder, Broad tongue on clit, Thick vein in throat.

No running has always been pool rules and somehow I knew you were definitely one who loved to break them.

Each splash and retreat would garner a subtle jolt and agile run yet an eagerness to endure more, feel the shock once more.

The splash inevitable as a simple slip, now submerged into your place of solitude, creation, and divine energy.

I could taste your soul, exploding like stardust and raining down my beard.

Then you with nothing but sheer telekinesis invited me to explore your universe. I could see that your mind was light years ahead.

Landing in parts of your nebula, we made orbits until finally.

An eruption and full consumption of a MILKY WAY GALAXY…

Transcribing constellations and illuminating darkness.

Introducing you to parts of yourself you never knew existed

Beauty through a collision of two vast entities made something that our worldly bodies would have never anticipated…

Somehow my entire existence will always remember When I Met You…