Dear Diary,

This morning was blissful, it was easy and so welcoming. I woke up on my own and well rested my dream was a bit odd but I don’t even understand it, so I’ll revisit it later. Anyway, today was like in the movie where the main character wakes up everything is damn near perfect. I mean, I looked to my right and nobody was in the bed with me. Yet my place was pristine and clean. Temperature relaxed and below my comforter was just me, no clothes or restrictions simply loose. It had missing pieces so perfect by no means but more than average or tolerable. It was one of those days I had longed for, one that was without discomfort for the most part and introspective.

I calmly self reflected, grabbed some literature, and found myself enhancing my mind. It was peaceful to say the least and a blessing to say the most. I sometimes wonder if who I am is enough or am worthy of the things I internally dream of. Am I doomed beyond repair because of past mishaps and what is my purpose on this plane. I spiritually seek enlightenment and even can glance back into my participation in Ramadan. In that season, I learned the fortitude of myself and the truth of simplicity and sacrifice. Finding understanding in why my circumstances where not of my explicit choices but my universal decisions. Today things simply gravitated to me. Music spoke to me, passion ignited me, and purpose well it faintly was calling me. I am learning to tune into myself and like today, is a beautiful masterpiece.

Today sounded like silence:  powerfully empty yet available for numerous opportunities.