Dear Diary,

Something in me has two very conflicting views, yet my mind is calm slowly reminding me of consciousness. My understanding of my self is growing. I’ve ingested the world and the taste has many flavors. Yet I am indulging into my own pot. Brewing myself and engulfing myself in my scents, intimately find new ways to arouse my own mental, collaborations with my heart teaching me self love. I believe that loving yourself deeper comes at the expense of those who only knew for shallow purposes. The depths of my soul are now my resting frowns. The places many shy away from, the darkness and light buried deep within. My God has led me to find lessons in troubles, kindness in pain, and purpose in uncertainty. I listen to patience in times of flustering events, gradually discerning between wants, necessities, blessings, and mercy. Control, something I seemed to feel I could contain has been removed from my grind. I only control myself. Maneuver through my own mess, clean up my own thoughts, organize my own chaos. I literally stand as tribute to be a pillar.

It all ends but before the change can take place, I must start the process.