It is not easy, not because you are forsaken.

Simply because you are stronger, smarter, wiser.

Your experience will be tougher because you are indestructible.

Let me remind you.

Let me reassure your greatness

You are beauty

You are brains

You are Magic

Maverix you are the exception not the rule.

Let me root you on.

Great job

Keep Going

Finish strong

Hey don’t you dare call it quits.

You are built different


An anomaly

Mermaid walking land.

Please remember you are the epitome.

It will be tough to charter troubled waters.

I’ll give you a compass

I’ll train your eye

I’ll build your mind.

I’ll strengthen your heart

I’ll inject wisdom

I’ll exude knowledge

I’ll embody purpose.

Then I’ll let you use those tools.

You lay here in my ear snoring.

So please understand my motive.

Your smile, your shine, your success.

Are my goal.

So when you get weary

When it seems you have almost trickled to your last drop of effort.

When your lungs no longer find the words.

You feel your eyes have seen it’s fair share.

Always realize, that you are LOVE.

Always remember for yourself,

You are the person who you need

To Hold Onto…

Maverix remember to hold onto your heart, your spirit, and mind. Everything else will change and grow. Remain calm in life, as life will not always be calm. I love you and will do everything I can to make sure you have all the knowledge and understanding to succeed. I’ll do my best to protect you even when I’m not around. Always know I’m here for you and your brother! Happy 3rd Birthday Princess 👸🏾

-Love Always Daddy