Dear Diary,

Today was drowsy, almost depressing and reality escaping. I used so many different thoughts and emotions today. Like the ones you have to look up, to even understand it’s a fucking feeling in the first place. It was a reminder, a crisp smack not like a delicious kiss no the kind of smack of truth. It wasn’t frightening but more so jolting. Apparently it’s not an unfamiliar place now that I recall. I mean I’ve had days like this before. It was my reaction that took me exactly to where I needed to be. My attitude which led me to either salvation or destruction. Ultimately, I chose success. At the least this time. Yet it hadn’t quite dawned on me that was my goal. I defined love and home. I revisited purpose and passion. Somehow things aren’t meek. They graduated to a preciseness, a roar and rumble and a soar. Today was like a rainy day with beautiful music. It seemed to flow like waves. Steady and distinct, consistently changing and rippling. Today was a place of happiness wrapped up in a high space of uncertainty. I could imagine this is the exhilarating feeling of skydiving. A cleanse of sorts a distinct truth of separation.

Today felt cleansed and clear. Fresh and beautiful!