I can’t remember exactly what it was.

The exact message, moment, or memory escapes me.

Like how we used to talk on hours end, then still have more to discuss.

Or how without thinking, you would grab my favorite candy bar.

I’d rub your booty and we would cuddle and watch movies or binge shows.

Take long walks to nowhere to simply see where our minds could travel too.

See I can’t remember exactly the second, minute, or hour.

When we would create stories, to laugh, cringe, and grow through.

Or how our morning routine was unique but it was ours so it got our day going.

That one time that embarrassing thing happened that we vowed not to mention.

Yet it just turned into a running joke that only we understood.

How we would shake hands, hold hands, and hold each other.

When you felt low I’d stand up for you and when I felt defeated you’d say get back up Champ.

The intimacy we shared I can’t recall the day, month, or year.

When I love you was a scary yet beautiful greeting.

Where without any words, your needs became my own and my desires became your mission.

How we made love until we were tired and then after the hot towel got back to it.

Or listening to music or videos as we laughed at our own jokes funny or not.

Then the tears when I lied, cheated, or did something wrong would drop.

I don’t remember the argument, disagreement, or fight.

Or the time we didn’t see eye to eye and seeing me was more like poison than it was healthy.

The instance where I realized I lost more than a woman.

The place where I left my brain.

Because even if I could split open my chest and hand you my heart.

I’m not sure you’d remember now that all we are



Forgotten Lovers.