I see you glancing so coy yet so persistent. Crazy that you find something appealing.

Let’s exchange glances, sort of a visual tug of war. No words needed just various eye contact that begins to bubble into sweet smiles and light hearted laughs. I do know that we are in a different space yet somehow in the same universe. Drifting and floating bumping into and gravitating towards something.

Staring deep into the depths of your soul, your eyes capture creation and view destruction. I seek to find the peace in your pupils, the grace and mercy in your soul. Look at me while I talk to you, do not be afraid. Quiver and have apprehension but please feel free to ask questions. Do not feign nervousness as it will then prove that your are not ready. How sweet is it to find the purpose of someone through soul surfing. I’m analyzing you from the inside.

Capturing blemishes and beauty mark details, selected to coexist forming a face of innocence and mischief. Undoubtedly, I accept the notion that what I am looking at is not simple and external, not a filter I see past the illusion of this moment. Your face tells stories of past insecurities, future accomplishments, and present beauty.

Look at me, so I can gaze back.

Hands are not necessary but no matter the position

I enjoy our Face Time.