Dear Diary,

I sit here bare, no literally bare and oddly the chill from the room and window have me shivering. Cold and weary, I’m seeking heat and warmth. Refuge and safety. Remaining calm amidst the harsh realities, I allow emotions to run through me. I am bare, ready to attack and charge ahead, available to possibilities and the vast universe. I believe that I can overcome my circumstances and this would literally be the portion in which I ceded first. Nope not this time. I’m moving, charging ahead and ensuring along the way I remain humble. My heart steady, my knees fortified, and my mind adept and malleable. I sit here with nothing to cloak me, no smokes to cover me, no mirror to trick me.

I’m in faith, patience, and execution mode. My aims are set and I’m shooting for Pluto, Sirius A, and beyond the current Galaxy. My abundance is other worldly, I just know that somehow mediocrity isn’t for me.

So seeing myself bare and knowing that I can make these wonderful, beautiful, and magnanimous things manifest.

Let’s me know the chill and frigid can only stop those who let it!