The tempo rises like your heartbeat…

Your lingerie speaks of pre-destined intimacy and your willing behavior shows me that our interaction is consensual.

Shaved and oiled up perfectly, i can see you have taken your time, I can see the details of your manicure and the contrast of your hands atop my flesh shall be divine symmetry.

Your breathe startled at first, so calmly I find ways to ease your panting to specifically bring your breathing, heart rate, and pulse to a manageable tempo.

The flush and adrenaline in your face can also be felt through the dampening of your grasp.

The smells of your body fragrance mixed with your natural pheromones are more intoxicating than the strongest scotch. Your makeup and hair done to precision.


WE ARE Both adults but toys ARE available to utilize and express our wildest imaginations. A bucket of ice, and sweet condiments.

Fuck Dinner tonight is dessert…

I have determined that a warm up was necessary. Warning you to be patient before engineering anticipation while enjoying waterfalls.

Your body now steaming in such heat and my touch simply melts amongst your cocoa flavored skin. Sweet darling you quiver and squirt as your body now commemorates the first zenith.

I then slowly run my tongue and ice up your flesh tasting you. Savoring your flavor, your back now coated with a thin layer of saliva, ice water and then the subtlly of my breathe calls all goosebumps and hair to arise at once as you never knew you could feel such a refreshing exhilaration.

Flipped over Stout and erect nipples rest atop complimentary areolas. I dine on them as if they are the most decadent dessert that is until I flow down your belly and find your luscious gourd…

now you and the ice are both dripping….