Dear Diary,

I can feel the pressure and the magic today. I can see that there are limitless possibilities and an abundance of blessings. If only your eye is able to see, pursue and encompass them. I know that what is going to happen may not be to my utmost approval but will be to my utmost salvation. Yet I’ve come to terms with the fact that I know not what tomorrow brings. That being giving is not a curse and it is a gift that God has blessed me with. I’m also sure that what will be will be. I have panicked in past occasions out of fear and control. Yet today as cold and lonely as it is, I’m seeking and finding various forms of warmth. I’ve found healthy community, negated on ideas that would not be suitable for my talents and gifts and also have found ways to grow through pain, uncertainty, and the obstacles that typically I am confronted with. I am affirming so many different things and doing such silently. As loud and boisterous announcements are merely ways to seek attention which won’t compensate for hard work, persistence, and dedication. I’m not buckling and although the process is not to my exact liking it is one of Humble proportions. In that I see or feel that I am in more clarity but I’ll reflect and continue praying about such! In the mean time, I have to continue because more has to be accomplished but it has to be purposeful. I may just be onto something.

Today feels fulfilling…

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