Stumbling unto your gaze,

A smirk replaces my demure look,

Your glance penetrating my heart, mind, and body

Somehow the dress you are wearing coats you perfectly, I’m awed by your physical beauty.

Yet there is something to be said about your soulful aesthetic. Your self awareness, your subtle assertion and  the acquiescence of respect you receive.

You mentally captured me and somehow I hang up framed in your mind, wondering am I merely a collected item in your photo gallery or a priceless artifact regarded as historical greatness in your museum.

Your heart loudly moves the rhythm of my intent, to see you as more than flesh like we met before, or we are somehow the same being or starburst or flame. We floated in the same orbit, we posses the same molecular structure but no something more subtle we are the same SPIRIT. You look familiar like I’ve felt you in me since birth.

You embody revolution, like we could overturn the satanic elitist, brandish our skin with meaningful ink and start a family of future un-corrupt leaders.

Merely a proximity to call home, not in the minimal sense but more of a fly love song or poetic piece. Where after a long absence our return cues melodies from heaven, ribbons in the sky, or just clouds on a beautiful day shaped like random objects we find to be nostalgic.

I see you as my eyes are closed and I even envision you as I gaze into the horizon, sitting by lakes reminiscing on memories yet to happen, moments soon to be experienced as well as moments of contemplation and adversity.

Arguments that have yet to take place and creative ways to remind you of my love for you then you find creative avenues to apologize to me.

My mouth merely spewing words that have been held hostage in my heart to let you know you are my external source of inspiration.

My melody and rhythm, we share in-depth synchronization. You are a forever mood.

One that makes me dance in rejoice, sing in praise, and shout in benevolence.

Even when pain enters my heart, disappointment seeps into my mind, and adversity stares at me through your beautiful eyes. I will find beauty and spread love on your scars, give compassion to your wounds, and overcome your past.

If you let me.

You will be my lifetime Mood.