Dear Diary,

Today I woke up at peace with the broken pieces. Oddly I was calm at the missed chances, excited by the failed attempts, and humbled by the lost acquaintances and loves.

It’s not as if I never preferred those things at the point of transaction, no do not confuse that notion with my fortified peace. It’s simple finding joy in the journey. I set intentions to be and somehow the universe collided with me or colluded with me to see it be so. The thoughts of people I once revered has quite metaphorically melted away. I utilize these self teachings and pain to memorize my self better than any test or study guide, I learn myself. I find happiness in what is left and appreciation for what once was.

Today I believe I saw you and I do know it was not me being influenced.

Today Felt Like: finishing my first 5k, winded from the journey but proud of the ability to persevere it.

Today looked like: Stained Glass beautifully broken yet adorned to a bigger picture.