Our first interaction was while attending college, initially we would have seemingly fun yet deep introspective conversation regarding all types of topics. As the years progressed as he was an underclassmen we built a connection which had debates, laughs, and a brotherhood. We have kept in small contact since college, yet When i decided to do this series for black women not only was he eager but helpful and attentive. So below are a few responses in regards to his love, admiration, and appreciation to his source of strength, knowledge, and wisdom, black women. The diversity in which they encompass and even his current partner with which also attended school with us. As I am happy to hear he is doing well his words are for you BLACK WOMAN.

Write a loving message to your futurewife/current spouse?

To my future wife I love you. I love you and I am truly grateful that you are in my life. I cannot wait till we are finally joined together in marriage. Please trust and know that it was a journey for me to become the man you desire. It took a lot missteps and failures in past relationships for me to learn myself. Truth is I am still evolving, but the only difference is that I am aware of the transformation. I fully embrace this person I am growing into, and I am proud to grow with you. Always know that as long as we are both committed to changing for the betterment of the relationship we cannot go wrong.

You get 3 song choices for a wedding song what are those 3 songs?

Love – Keyisha Cole, Lady In My Life – Michael Jackson, Let’s Get Married – Jagged Edge

First woman you loved outside of your mother?

My grandmothers were the first two women I loved outside of my mother.

If you could apologize to an ex (anonymous or named), what would you say?

I would apologize and say to her that I am sorry for being the immature young boy you dated. I am truly sorry that I put you through the pain and heartbreak I did. However, I did learn a lot about myself and relationships. I have become a better man from learning from my mistakes I had in our relationship. Hurting you has been one of my deepest regrets. Every year that passes I never forget about what I ruined, but it’s the past now. I have moved on and I know you have as well. Wishing you nothing but the best.

Favorite physical attribute of women?

My favorite physical attribute of women are their breast.

Favorite mental attribute of women?

My favorite mental attribute of women is their intuition.

If you have a crush or even a woman you admire write her a sweet/funny/ encouraging paragraph (5-7 sentences).

Hey love. Just writing you to say I really appreciate you. We’ve been talking for some time now, and I’m glad we met. You really compliment me, and you have encouraged me to better myself. What I like most is that you remind me to follow my inner voice and to never allow fear to hold me back.

What would you like to thank your BLACK WOMEN for?

Thank you BLACK WOMEN from my mother to my girlfriend for loving and caring for me. Thanks for providing and sticking with me on my good and bad days.

What woman who is before your time would you like to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with? Explain Why.

I would like to have a sit down conversation with Harriet Tubman because I would want to know how she became the leader she was through all of the adversity she faced.

Describe black women in 3 words!

Persevering. Beautiful. Goddesses.

As a man what do you need from our black women as a man?

What I need from our black women as a man is love, honesty and understanding. I need love because no lasting successful relationship can stand the test of time without unconditional love. I need honesty because we stand a better chance of correcting mistakes when honesty is valued and practiced. I need understanding because we will eventually disagree, but that does not make us enemies.

As men what are some things we can do to strengthen our women?

As men we can practice honesty, listening and understanding the points of view of our women more.

Jonathan Irving is a graphic designer, artist, amateur photographer, innovator, and entrepreneur. He is also currently employed as a graphic designer at The St. Louis American as well as a freelance designer. He also shares interests in other creative avenues such poems, painting, drawing and more. 



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