I won’t fully recant how I met Zac…I mean Damethius but I’ve known this brother since 2011. So a decade later to see his growth and transformation is inspiring. My fraternal brother but outside of such a giving and kindhearted gentleman, who beyond all else knows how to have a GREAT time. I caught up with him between his work, brunch, and lit-uations to ask him a few questions regarding BLACK WOMEN. As I’ve seen him in action and his mother is quite the character herself but without further dialogue, Damethius Ewing on why he Loves Black Women.

  • As a blank canvas paint the kind of woman you feel compliments you?

An open minded free spirit. With energy so strong that you feel her presence immediately. Someone with goodpatience.

  • You get 3 song choices for a wedding song what are those 3 songs?

1] Prototype – Andre 3000
2] Fortunate – Maxwell
3] Best Of Me -Anthony Hamilton

  • Do you like a woman in makeup? If yes, explain and give positive feedback

Yes, I think it’s acombination of creativity, expression and confidence

  • what would you like to thankyour BLACK WOMEN for?

My existence

  • Your close black woman friend express why you appreciate her?

Allows me to be authentic self , I can be vulnerable and not feel weak, she don’t sugar coat shit, makes me laugh

  • What woman who is before your time would you like to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with? Explain Why.

Madam Cj Walker – I want to understand her business model lol

  • Describe black women in 3 words!

Fierce, Wise, Creative

  • As a man do you  say I Love You first and show actions later or show actions first then say I love you later?

Show actions first and then say it. I prob wont vocalize it a lot but the actions will speak for itself

  • As men what are some things wecan do to strengthen our women?

Stop referring to them as bitches and hoes rather its in public or private, with your boys. Support them daily and be intentional with how we show appreciation, respect them on all aspects.

Damethius is 27 years old 5’10 165lbs whose Hobbies include Photography follow his IG page @melanatedenergy, Brunch, Youth Mentoring, Networking, Event planning, & Old School RnB.




D. Ewing