Way back in 2005, I met Kenny as an eager and hard working freshman. Ultimately becoming teammates year round as we spent the summer going through conditioning and two-a-days. As both scholar athletes Kenneth and myself, played football and ran track. Over the years a small brotherhood formed through teenage shenanigans and later on down the line becoming fraternity brothers as well. Coming from a tight knit background and a strong family front, he has very deep rooted understanding of the importance of women in his life. I sent him a questionnaire to ask his thoughts on the source and power that is the BLACK WOMAN….

Woman need to here more from us, in the direction of our emotional understanding.

1. b) would you care to give her a direct shout out?
1. c) how do you express your emotions?

Aaries Wadsworth. My fiancé as of a few weeks almost

I do it on a daily basis with my fiancé. I let her know that she is the woman of my dreams, that she means the world to me, and that I’m so happy she’s in my life.

When was the last time you affirmed a woman? How?

I tell her I love her and that she is gorgeous and beautiful everyday

How do you intend to show affection?

I show affection by either vocalizing it, body language, physical affection (non-sexual), and by the amount of time I spend invested in her life

As a blank canvas paint the kind of woman you feel compliments you? (avoid physical attributes)

The kind of women that typically compliment me are women of a certain level of intellect. They aren’t mainstream, faddy, or trendy. They typically are well past their college years and have a firm grasp on their goals/career.

If you could talk to a woman and build a bond what comes first? (mutual interest, i.e music, food, sports, etc.), (mental stimulation), (personality traits)

The mental aspect is the first thing that comes with building a bond with a woman for me. Physical attraction may get me to open my mouth, but the mental connection will get me to stay and keep the conversation going. A persons mentality is what I connect with the most.

Write a loving message to your future wife/current spouse?

Aaries, I’ve told you time and time again that you were the one I couldn’t let get away. You’ve made falling for you so easy that the feeling of it is as natural as breathing. I can’t imagine living a life not waking up next to you and experiencing all life has to offer without you. You’re my rock that holds me down when things get rough.

Celebrity Crush(es)? (explain what about them is attractive, she BAD does not count but can be included)

Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones. She is an obvious beauty but from what I can see from the outside looking in, she has so much more going on in her head. She’s health and fitness conscious, shares her political beliefs and endorses loves vs. hate, and gives off a very warm and inviting feeling.

You get 3 song choices for a wedding song what are those 3 songs? Heaven – Jammie Foxx

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Don’t Change – Musiq Soulchild

First woman you loved outside of your mother?

Hmm toughie.. based on my current perception of love.. but I’d say Heather Hardin

If you could apologize to an ex(anonymous or named), what would you say?

I’m sorry for not being stronger earlier on in our relationship and telling you no to certain things. I’m sorry for not being the mature individual that you needed. While I don’t believe all the things that befell us was my fault, I didn’t make them any easier based on my nature at that time in my life.

Favorite physical attribute of women?

Body as a whole. (does it work for you? is it proportional?)

favorite mental attribute of women?

– Love with some spiciness

How have women blessed your life? (We all love our mothers but if you can try to highlight other women as well if possible)

– I’ve had the privilege of having multiple woman in my life as motherly figures. Each have taught me the respect, love, and care that goes into my interactions with women. They’ve shared with me many of do’s and don’ts along the way. They’ve gave me tips and pointers about everything life has to offer.

Do you like a woman in makeup? If yes, explain and give positive feedback

– I don’t mind makeup but in modesty. If your makeup is to accentuate a physical trait, than ok. But my issue comes in when women use makeup to become a practically different person and cake it onto their skin.

As a man what do you feel is your role to women? (intimate partners, friends, family, and just in general)

– I feel my role is to be that strong emotional support. To try and make strong what she is weak in. To always be there for advice and loving words. To criticize with care and love in my words. But ultimately support her in all that she wants and wishes for.

When/who was the last woman to leave you speechless?

– My fiancé. It wasn’t any one given moment but just a culmination of things and events leading to me to make the decision that I would marry this woman.

What would you like to thank your BLACK WOMEN for?

– For loving us black men even when we didn’t deserve. For being strong when we were weak. For always having our backs and fighting against those who would do us harm. For always being that safe place for us to rest when we were weary.

Your close black woman friend express why you appreciate her?

– She’s calls me on my shit and keeps me mentally focused. Each time talking with her it’s like I hit a reset button that snaps me back to where I should be.

What public figure woman inspires you? (Think political, philanthropy, educator, business owners, directors, actresses, producers, writers)

– Phylicia Rashad…. Man this woman was everything to me growing up! Her power and presence is always amazing.

What woman who is before your time would you like to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with? Explain Why.

– It’s probably cliche to say Michelle Obama but I’ll say it. She is the role model that every black woman and child needs. She’s intelligent, successful, a bombshell, and in a loving MARRIAGE!

Describe black women in 3 words!

– Strong, Determined, Loving

How can you better appreciate black women?

– I don’t think I can better appreciate them than I already do. They are everything to me.

As a man what do you need from our black women as a man? (Be honest but keep it constructive)

– I needed someone to appreciate me for me. My quirks and all. To not try and change who I am at my core but to make me better in others areas. To push me towards goals and dreams that I otherwise didn’t consider.

A black woman is sexiest when…?

– She knows exactly what she wants and plays no games about it.

What is a fear you have when it comes to relationships with black women?

– The fear I have is that I can’t give them everything they deserve in life. 29. As a man do you say I Love You first and show actions later or

A time a black woman saved you from yourself…?

– Any moments of self doubt or pity I had on myself for situations in my life. A black woman was always one to pick me back up and point me in the right direction

show actions first then say I love you later?

– I show my actions first before I commit to saying I love you. If I say I love you before I show those actions of love, it’ll be perceived as a lie.

As far as 3 requirements, with being a strong and secure man what are your standards for a strong secure black woman?

Intellectually Sound , Goal Orientated, Family Orientated

I am Kenneth Boyer. A 28 year old black math educator and football coach. I am a double HBCU grad obtaining my Bachelors from Jackson State University and my Masters from North Carolina Central University. I was a two sport athlete in high school and college playing football and running track. I have been teaching now for 6+ years in 4 different states. I am a member of the Phinest Fraternity in all the land, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I am engaged to the love of my life Aaries Wadsworth of St. Louis. We have 2 dogs and 1 cat.



K. Boyer