Keith Marshall, like most people has his various views. Although we met unofficially in High-school as we attended rival schools and both played Football. Our first interactions came years later in college. We would have small discussions here and there and we never really ran in the same crowds yet I knew he had something in him that strives for growth and betterment. Currently Him and his woman run an apparel called Boss.Up out of Kansas City so go take a look to check it out ladies and gents at {}. Recently he welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world by the name of Kimora, So as a military and family man it is fitting to simply ask him his thoughts and pick his brain on why he loves BLACK WOMEN…

men, what are some things we can do to strengthen our women?

One way in my opinion to strengthen our women is to appreciate and encourage our women, Not just talk about it but actually letting them know we support them and believe in their dreams. A problem with our women they feel as if they can do it by themselves or be independent and they can but why be independent when you have someone next to you that can help you get to the point she wants to, I’m saying this to say to let them know it’s okay to get help sometimes because nobody on this earth got to the point there at by themselves at some point everyone needed a little help 

A time a black woman saved you from yourself…?

College days was fun and wild for me I was so unfocused drinking, Parting almost daily until I got myself a girlfriend and she had to break it down to me like “Keith I’m not liking the way your going” It took me a while but I was going down the wrong path and even my close friends didn’t say anything but my girlfriend did not because she wanted me to stop parting but she wanted more for me and seen more in myself than I did. Having a strong woman by your side she can see things that you normally can’t see because your blind to the fact. A real friend wouldn’t let you throw your life away or get so unfocused in life that you lose everything you worked so hard to get, but a strong black woman going to tell you how it is and not sugar code the fact. 

As far as 3 requirements, with being a strong and secure man what are your standards for a strong secure black woman?

2)Family Oriented 
3)Willingness to become Wealthy ( In other words she’s about her money)

As a man do you  say I Love You first and show actions later or show actions first then say I love you later?

Actions first because of my years of living you can tell a black woman anything and she won’t believe you until you show her facts lbvs Ex: Baby I wont cheat anymore in her mind she not believing shit until you prove to her that you can be faithful same thing to any scenario lol 
Especially if you love someone she will know you love her before you ever say it #Facts

As a man what do you need from our black women as a man? (Be honest but keep it constructive)

I use this even in my own relationship I need my woman to be a Queen sounds simple but I’ll break it down. I’m the King and she’s my Queen. The Queen gives orders and don’t pay no mind to peasants (Friends, Social media or anyone against the kingdom) The Queen only answers to one person – The King and the King only answer to one person in the whole kingdom and that is His Queen because she’s royalty. We answer to each other to build our empire bigger and I need my Queen to take over if I ever was to fall or not act like a king I need my Queen to put me in place but also allow me to be king and stare us in the right direction and if I was to not act like a king then she would step up until I get some act right if that makes sense to you 

If you could apologize to an ex(anonymous or named), what would you say?

One Ex R.Clint 

Sorry for everything, Sorry for being the little boy that I was. The cheating the lies you didn’t deserve none of it. In the end and in reality I played myself and the best thing for you to do was to walk away and when you left me that pain still stuck with me till this day 7 years later but I learned my mistakes and I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for you. I’m happy for you and your family, I’m happy your happily married. I always knew you were wife material I was just the idiot who let you go. – Keith