First time I met Jarrett, I was middle schooler weighing about 105lbs soaking wet with 2 bricks in my pockets. He on the other hand was for a lack of better terms a big guy. In High school and playing Football, Also his size was not to be confused with how fast he could move. Such a small world, we were playing after school football at the HS and I got an interception or fumble recovery but he was hot on my trail. Then as I transitioned to the HS we became like brothers. Understanding certain things and my mentality we built not only a lineman-running back bond but a big brother, little brother bond as well. Over the years we had some fun times, from going in the gloves, football practices, weight room and conditioning, to running the streets. Years later Jarrett has been a man who has endured many things and hardships, yet his one constant has been his voice and standing firm on his word. Not only that he has not let anything slow him down…Lets take a look under his mental and listen to exactly why he LOVES BLACK WOMEN…

How do you express your emotions?

 I express my emotions through words of affirmation when asked. Being considerate of how my actions will make my woman feel. Hugs and kisses just because she walked by. 

How do you validate the women around you? (intimately, platonic, casually) 

Intimately small things like holding her rubs in all areas through affectionate touch.

 When was the last time you affirmed a woman? How? 

Recently a woman I’m dating has had surgery and I’ve supporting her day by day with her daily goals and cheering for affirming that she has the strength to recover and continue with her daily routine.

How do you intend to show affection?

 I intend to show affection in anyway she requires whether it’s a stomach rub when it hurts feet rub after a long day a kiss when she walks through the door, a strong tight hug, slap her booty to make her feel like she has a fatty, make her dinner, buy her lunch if she forgot, or sexually.

Write a loving message to your future wife/current spouse? 

Good Morning baby I’m off to work but before I left, I watched you sleep. You looked at peace so I just let you lay there. As a stared at you I just thought about how much you being in my life makes me want to be a better man every day. I appreciate your support and the push for me to be the best version of myself. You are the best woman and teammate I could have imagined or asked God for. I pray every day that I am as much of blessing to your life as you are to mine. Hopefully this little message only makes you smile brighter as you go through your day. I’ll see you when I get home later tonight.
With All My Love,
Your Huband

As a blank canvas paint the kind of woman you feel compliments you? (avoid physical attributes) 

I need a woman that possess the ability to be independent but realizes the significance of having a man. Conversationalist, Intelligence but still has the common touch, High level of perseverance, expressive with their emotions both physically and vocally, supportive of my aspirations and endeavors, allows me to lead but is the best teammate, nurturing, cognizant of when to be sensitive and exhibit thick skin, thoughtful, comfortable with wearing a dress to a gala or watching a sports event with me, have some interest in sports, popular and unpopular interest, straight forward when being dismissive with men suitors, Id rather my woman be aggressive than passive aggressive, Open minded with life changes, likes to travel, financially responsible, professional, and appreciation of the arts.

If you could talk to a woman and build a bond what comes first? (mutual interest, i.e music, food, sports, etc.), (mental stimulation), (personality traits)

Mental stimulation even if we have different interest and personalities if you can convey why you think, enjoy, or act the way you do I can have a better appreciation for those things. If you can’t stimulate the brain it is a no go for me.

Celebrity Crush(es)? (explain what about them is attractive, she BAD does not count but can be included)

Rihanna has that high sex energy vibe and seems very spontaneous from afar. Erykah Badu she seems like she will blow your mind every day in some sort of fashion. Taraji P. Henson because she seems like she has that balance someone like me needs head strong but needs love, will check you but listen if you have the strength she seeks, aging remarkably, can take her to the company dinner or the picnic back home doesn’t matter she good. 

You get 3 song choices for a wedding song what are those 3 songs?

Dave Hollister- Forever          Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud 
Brian McKnight-Still In Love                                         

First woman you loved outside of your mother? 

Ayanna Johnson

If you could apologize to an ex(anonymous or named), what would you say? 

Ayanna Johnson

Sippz I apologize for not ending things in a more mature way that was some little boy behavior and I had no business handling that the way I did. You deserve and deserved more than what I could give you. I wish you nothing but happiness for years to come.

Favorite physical attribute of women? 

The whole lower body ankles, calves, thighs, booty, hips.

Favorite mental attribute of women? 

Organizational skills

How have women blessed your life? (We all love our mothers but if you can try to highlight other women as well if possible)

Women have motivated me to make my house look nice, often times are the motivation to workout, women have allowed me to express emotions and sensitivity I can’t put on display outside the home, brought organization to my chaos, have played a major role in my decision to be the man I am, opened my eyes to different perspectives and experiences I would have never been exposed to without them being in my life, some women have humbled me, and some women have affirmed my confidence.

If you have a crush or even a woman you admire write her a sweet/funny/ encouraging paragraph (5-7 sentences).

If you saw yourself from my point of view you would never be captivated by another vision. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and that stretches beyond your physical attributes. You might not understand why I’m attracted to you even more when your angry but believe me it is a major turn on. When you apologize for your ratchet moments that gets my oven going. I thoroughly enjoy how we can talk about literally any and all subjects, have banter disagree, and still crush on each other by the conversation’s end. It feels good to want to be a woman’s image of the man she can see herself spending her life with, I sincerely hope you see me in that light because that’s how I see you.

Do you like a woman in makeup? If yes, explain and give positive feedback

I do not enjoy makeup for the most part just an opinion. I feel like a woman who wears excessive makeup has low self -esteem or is extremely superficial and I can’t be around that. On occasions I understand the need to want to glam up and go somewhere and that is totally understandable. I can appreciate the makeup that gives more of a natural look if she likes to wear makeup.

As a man what do you feel is your role to women? (intimate partners, friends, family, and just in general)

I feel my role is to make a woman feel secure in all facets. She should feel secure laying in my arms entrusting me with her body. She should feel secure as a friend to share her dearest truths, emotions, and thoughts. She should feel secure that I refuse to let my family fail or crumble. I feel my role is to make my woman secure in the mindset that I would never let anything happen to her and I’d give my life to make sure she is safe. My role also includes making sure my woman is secure in knowing I am totally and utterly committed to her. 

When/who was the last woman to leave you speechless?

I have not experienced this and if I have it would have been early on in high school.

What would you like to thank your BLACK WOMEN for?

I’d like to thank the BLACK WOMAN for the continued acknowledgement to herself that she is a goddess and the most powerful and beautiful creature walking this earth. For her demanding to be treated as such and in turn making us responsible for being better men and approaching them in a more dignified manner.

Your close black woman friend express why you appreciate her?

I appreciate you Clu3 because you are not just a friend you are like my sister. You know me all too well like we’ve known each other our whole lives. You accept me for the person I am good or bad. I know that you have my back regardless whether people are speaking bad about me or if I am being jumped by a group of cowards. When I’m wrong you tell me I am wrong but you won’t tell anyone else that I’m wrong. When I was at a low period of my life in Virginia you flew out and lifted my spirits to the highest levels. You are something special that most people never are blessed to experience.

What woman who is before your time would you like to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with? Explain Why.

I would like to talk with Hattie McDaniel and ask her why she would take mammy roles? Did she see how detrimental those roles were? 

What public figure woman inspires you? (Think political, philanthropy, educator, business owners, directors, actresses, producers, writers)

As cliché as it sounds Michelle Obama coming from her upbringing to her accomplishments as an individual. Her being so successful as a woman and then having the strength to support her husband during his presidency. Also I coached with someone who works Secret Service and she is the woman we think she is behind closed doors.

Describe black women in 3 words!

Resilient, Passionate, and Challenging (Only the strong should be blessed with a black woman)

As a man what do you need from our black women as a man? (Be honest but keep it constructive)

To be totally transparent I need you to check us in the privacy of ourselves but keep our business in the privacy of us not bashing us for the world to see. Stop supporting a system that is in place to tear us apart and we should stop causing you hurt that pushes to that system. Stop saying you don’t need us because without a woman and family a man is without purpose. Keep requiring more from us in our interactions with you. Don’t do inappropriate things to and around our children that makes them grow up faster than they need to.

How can you better appreciate black women?

I have tried year by year to listen to the things our women say so I can further understand their frustrations and what their day to day struggle looks like. We focus on what we go through and negate the struggle of our counterparts. We need to learn how to support our women as they strive for their goals and dreams.

A black woman is sexiest when…?

She has a pleasant mixture of elegance, feisty, intellect, and youthfulness.

A time a black woman saved you from yourself…?

My first girlfriend hated my extra curricular activities. She told me if I wanted to be with her I had to stop doing what I was doing, then ensured she would come up with stuff to do for my free time.

What is a fear you have when it comes to relationships with black women?

Being that I’m older I have two main fears, I fear that a woman my age or older has been alone so long she has set in her ways and is use to not having a man. I also fear getting into relationships with women who allow their families to have a hand in most decisions they make.

As a man do you  say I Love You first and show actions later or show actions first then say I love you later?

I say show actions first, women can tell how you hold them treat them, even look at them that you love them before you even say it.

 As far as 3 requirements, with being a strong and secure man what are your standards for a strong secure black woman?

Financial Literacy, Work Ethic, and Moral Compass.

As men what are some things we can do to strengthen our women?

Being men again exhibit strength and to improve on what men did prior to us give undoubted affection. We have do what we mean and mean what we say honor out commitments.

Jarrett is a 28 year old man from Kansas City single but dating. I’m a teacher and a coach in Hazelwood, MO. I have no children, but I do have a nephew that I am a father figure for. I am a member of the greatest fraternity created Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. Recently our fraternity has been taking a lot of negative attention but I accredit the fraternity for giving me growth as a man and opening my mind to various perspectives on life. I have had some good woman in my life that I have messed up and I have had some women in my life that did not deserve the things I brought to the table. I grew up in a household that gave me no positive outlook on romantic or affectionate interaction between men and women. As I get older I learn to understand that I need to listen to women and not just assume I understand everything. I love black women and believe they are the most beautiful thing God created and I hate that we often times have this disconnect from our black women. I aspire to be a great husband and father one day but I won’t make any decision until I know for sure I have met my life partner in all facets



J. Brooks