I met Deandre, Freshman year of college through a mutual friend. At her birthday party it was a prequel that ultimately to us becoming Line Brothers the following year when I transferred colleges. Behind his dad he is hands down one of the goofiest people I’ve ever met. Always looking to laugh and have a good time but actually is bit more observant than he leads on. Even with a few serious questions he sprinkled in a few dashes of fun. Here is NoPlay Dre, as he has calls himself thoughts on his love towards BLACK WOMEN.

How do you intend to show affection?

I personally show affection by joking, laughing, and flirting with women. When I open up and show my goofy side, that’s me showing that I am into her.

If you could talk to a woman and build a bond what comes first? (mutual interest, i.e music, food, sports, etc.), (mental stimulation), (personality traits)

Mutual interest must comes first. Being a Sagittarius (aka the best sign) we are almost interested in anybody that likes us but if we dont feel some type of connection then it will will not go far. We must be able to talk about Music, conspiracy theories, religion, etc, whic are all mental stimulations for me.

You get 3 song choices for a wedding song what are those 3 songs?

Prototype – Outkast, Beautiful – Tweet, (I’m starting to like “Sir – War”) Rahsaan Patterson – the one for me

Favorite physical attribute of women?

I am big on sex appeal. It’s something about women with sex appeal that gets me going.  So eyes, lips, hair, sense of style/ fashion is big for me. I think those are automatically a turn on for me.  

favorite mental attribute of women?

Their POWER  is my favorite attribute. Women are strong, accurate, balance multiple issues, provide flexibility, loving/caring, forgiving and listen. Their ability to juggle all of that is amazing and makes me think God is a black women. Because to me God symbolizes all of that.

What public figure woman inspires you? (Think political, philanthropy, educator, business owners, directors, actresses, producers, writers)

A few women I like Amada Seales, I like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Megan the Stallion (love her grind), AshMo inspires me, Rihanna, plenty of women that I admire from afar.

Describe black women in 3 words!

Strong, beautiful, Smart

As a man what do you need from our black women as a man? (Be honest but keep it constructive)

I need women to be more open about their wants and needs. Women always say communication is key but be the main ones silent when we ask what’s going on with them or whats wrong. Knowing something is wrong but they hide what’s wrong behind their feelings. Instead of just saying what it is.

What is a fear you have when it comes to relationships with black women?

A fear that I have is not being “ALL IN” sometimes as a man I don’t think I am “all in” a relationship because I can be selfish at time but that is something I am working on. Yea I got your back if a tire break down, if she needs money, or anything of that nature but being “all in’ and fully committing to just that one person 4ever is a tough.

10. As a man do you say I Love You first and show actions later or show actions first then say I love you later?

Just depends on what your definition of love is. Im the type to say I love you in the first 5 minutes but my actions may show at a later point when I can fully trust you.  

As far as 3 requirements, with being a strong and secure man what are your standards for a strong secure black woman?

I really only have 1 standard and that’s she must have a dream. Not like a I wanna be a princess dream lol. (which is fine) But a dream to leave this earth better than when she was born. So her finding a hobby and taking pride in that hobby to better herself,the community and eventually the world. I would like her to be a seed to spark change.

I Love You Black Woman


D. Campbell