Not exactly sure the first time I met Cameron, yet since we have crossed paths this guy has been a major inspiration. Graduating and grabbing his white coat, establishing a solid foundation through his gift in music, and overall just moving forward in life. He has stood up and even through adversity has pushed through. Along with all of this he has a deep love for black women and their causes . He participated in this project and I am glad that he took some time out to answer a few questions.

What public figure woman inspires you? (Think political, philanthropy, educator, business owners, directors, actresses, producers, writers)  

Angela Rye.  Educated, Poised, with a dash of Ratchet when it’s appropriate. 

Describe black women in 3 words! Powerful, Memorizing, Astonishing 

As a man what do you need from our black women as a man? (Be honest but keep it constructive)- Not putting all black men in a box. 

A black woman is sexiest when…? 

She is confident. 

A time a black woman saved you from yourself…? 

She told me that it was okay for me to be myself and not what others expected me to be. 

What is a fear you have when it comes to relationships with black women?

Not being able to protect her.

As a man do you  say I Love You first and show actions later or show actions first then say I love you later?

My actions speak louder than my words. 

As men what are some things we can do to strengthen our women?

Listen.. unbiased… and unconditionally. 



C. Tendaji