Christina Dias, if i recall properly she would hang with a friend of mine while in high school. We also ran track together where she blossomed into an amazing hurdler. I also was closely acquainted with her brother, who in many regards I hope he is smiling down on her and her other two brothers from Heaven.(Rest Well Clifford) I am fraternity brothers and sands with her eldest brother, so somehow I don’t think that our proximity is one by mistake. All grown up, finding and defining her beauty, womanhood, and femininity as she only knows how too. I was able to pick apart her mind ask a few questions and get enlightened on what it means to be a woman by her standards. Of course, I was actually quite surprised by some answers and left speechless by others, well i’ll let you read and see exactly what I mean:

favorite stone?


most difficult chakra to keep balanced?

The root is my hardest Chakra to keep balanced. Basic trust with individuals is hard to Maintain and establish. I’m always in a pivot with this chakra, causing it to be unbalanced.

What does feminine energy look like to you?

– feminine energy is a woman of any demographic that believes that her womanhood and femininity Comes first in every situation. This can be confused as a feminist; however, men can have feminine energy & not be considered “soft” .

Creatively where do you draw inspiration from?

I mostly draw my inspiration from experiences I’ve gone through, good and bad. It gives me an opportunity to change a situation with my creativity or make it better through this method

How do you give Stina to the world to enlighten and bring service to it?

— I allow myself to be a good sprint and being good energy.My vibe is unmatched and my sincerity in how I treat and speak to people withpurposes shows. I create relationships fast and maintain them because of this.

What  keeps you balanced in a world that is in constant flux?

— the fact that I know who I am as a woman. I can go anywhere at anytime and feel comfortable because I know my purpose. I can keep my head in a lot of situations.

Are you into any specific religion or spiritual practice?

— lately, here within the past year I’ve questioned myreligion. It’s a lot of things in Christianity that I don’t understand anddon’t really agree with. However I do believe in God and a higher power. I praydaily & continue to put good out into the world.

If so, how does it bring out the best in your life? If not what helps to empower and bring out the best in you?

— I’m half and half so I would say that God has my heart& helps me through a lot . However, energy never dies , it keeps going for years and years … I believe m good energy I put out , I receive 10 fold ….Faithfully.

One woman figure who has helped to provide you withguidance in your life?

— my mother is my main one. I’ve more so learned from hermistakes rather than sitting down and having conversation and getting insightthat way. However all woman I associate myself with have a huge influence onme.

When you see yourself now as a woman, is this who youimagined you’d be at a young age?

— this is who I imagined myself to be. Finding ways and making them, very sociable, in high demand & very beautiful.

Love e is a foreign concept in today’s world for somehowdo you give yourself love?

— I give myself love every moment of the day. I choose mysanity, my happiness, my peace, my serenity or situations that are detrimentalto those things. I love myself to much to allow a person, thing or entity tointerrupt Stina’s love for Stina .

Favorite Song Currently

Studio – School Boy Q , Kendrick Lamar ( All time ) — diced pineapples , Rick Ross, Drake, Wale

How would you best define being a woman in today’ssociety?

— it’s hard , as it’s always been. You either to stuck up, ahoe, boring , party to much. It’s nothing we can’t do that we won’t beridiculed for .

What do sexuality and womanhood mean to you?

I believe you cross over into womanhood , in relation tosexuality, when you realize a “body count” doesn’t determine if you’re a hoe ornot. Understanding you have sexual needs and most men don’t know how to providethose, so sexually you seek what your body wants/needs.

What ways do you embrace being a woman?

— I embrace being a woman by not wearing a bra. Literally Ididn’t ask for these nice set of breast, however…. I’m a woman and anyoneoffended by my body has a personal problem.

When was the first time you remember being a woman was amajor responsibility?

— when I was 14 years old. I started my period. From thatpoint on I would have to always be prepared in the event that my cycle hit. Ihad to carry a purse that had the essentials in it. I couldn’t be embarrassedof being in the bathroom for longer than 3 min. I was entering womanhood.

 How or in whatways does your womanhood shine a light on the world?

— I believe we all shine different . But mine , I was araised as a Tom boy, so I can give anyone a woman perspective or a guyperspective from experience .

In what ways can men show appreciation and respect for you as a woman?

— stand up for me when another man is being disrespectful.Cherish the woman you have around you and understand that we are uniquecreatures. Learn the value of a woman .

The first woman who reaffirmed you and of your own powers?

— myself

society stands now we are shifting spiritually, how do you stay grounded while attempting to ascend upward?

— you have to know who you are & learn to adjust .Change isn’t always bad

Change is inevitable, in the near future what changes are you seeking?

— change in my approach to a situation I have zero controlover, love life ( actually settling down again) , creating a career andproducing more income.

If  you could sit down with someone dead(preferably a woman) and spend a week just talking to them, who would that be and why?

— I would want to sit down with my grandmother. I would want to see how she raised my mom and her outlook on life. She was an educator and AKA.  And amazing woman. I feel I could learn things that my mom wasn’t able to teach me.

favorite color


a song that brings you peace?

— blue dream – Jhene Aiko

How in tune with your feminine energy are you?

— 100% I pick up on vibes and energy quickly and Ireciprocate it .

What reminds you of your woman powers?

— every month when my cycle comes, the ability to feedsomeone from my body.

What expressions do you believe a woman should express more?

— being sexually fluid, being able to have an opinion,dating more than one person, being sexually fluid after having a child, not wearing makeup/wearing makeup,

For women feeling sexy is important, what makes you feel sexy or when do you feel sexiest?

— feeling sexy is very important. I feel the sexiest during sexual intercourse : you’re sharing your mind you body your spirit wit someone.THAT’S sexy !

Mentally women are advanced what mental games or avenues do you use to strengthen your mind?

— thinking of all possible outcomes in any situation, beingproactive , paying attention to facial expressions body language actions duringconversation, watch documentaries.

In honor of women’s appreciation, what words would you say women could hear more often

— “ it’s ok to not be ok” “you’re beautiful how you are” “indue time” “what’s for you will always be for you”

When did your womanhood get in the way of who you wanted to be?

— never when my womanhood was threatened in order to get ajob. Sexual advances to prosper

What was the greatest change you’ve made recently?

—Being financially responsible and stuck to my word. Lessprocrastination.

Favorite part of yourself? (Physical, mental, emotional, musically, taste in clothes)

— my mental is my favorite part. I’m smart and well knowledgeableon a wide spread of topics.

Society is changing do you believe it is becoming more open for Black women to succeed?

— hell no. The world hates black women.

When you reflect on yourself and your journey, are you making your 7 y/o self-proud?

— I’m making her more than proud. I’m actually a little bit more than I thought I’d be.

Christina, I want to say it has been amazing to see you over time blossom grow and continue to elevate. A beautiful woman with hustle and just to overcome the many obstacles that have been placed in your path. Continue to take the world by storm. Your womanhood shall be a testament to other women a like so they can trust their process and their truth. Along with that I as a man want to say I love you simply because women need to know that they are loved and valued in this world. Thank You for participating and letting me into your world to ask a few questions, and remember you are beautiful just as you are….