I met Tiana back in the day while in college we frequented trips to her college due to my connection with Fraternity brothers there, helping judge Black & Gold or even jut showing up to one of their notorious midnight to 4 am parties. Fast forward to a couple of years later and we have ended up back in my hometown I grew up in and have collided once more. Not that Dallas is easy to make this type of thing happen but in all honesty it isn’t. An average commute of 30 minutes and if you don’t stay in the same province not much will make you venture outside of your own radius. As before though we have found ways to connect. The biggest headscratcher is that she is a Giants Fan from Kansas smack dab in the middle of COWBOYS country. I’ll let that pass for NOW, amongst many things she is creative and an amazing graphic designer so if in need contact her after you better understand what womanhood means to her, Ms. Tiana Brooks:

1] Tiana defined in 3 words?

Eccentric, Eclectic, Enigmatic

2] How do you wear your womanhood proudly?

Honestly, just being myself. I think that’s the best way to wear it. 

3] When do you feel most sexy/attractive as a woman?

Whenever I’m the happiest. At that point, I feel like attractiveness shows best when you’re channeling positive energy.  

4] When has being a woman proposed an obstacle for you in life?

I can’t really recall the last time I’ve personally been held back due to being a woman.  

5] When you give your essence to the world how does that look?

Depends. Sometimes awkward but very lighthearted, sometimes it’s very colorful!  

6] What woman inspires you to persevere and endure as a woman?

Having the knowledge that I have a greater purpose in the universe that goes above all obstacles I will come across.  

7] What do more women need to hear, specifically from women and also from men?

It’s perfectly okay to not conform to standards and just be yourself. Your best you attract the best people for you, to you.

8] Do you spread love to the parts of yourself that society would seem dark? If you care to share what would those dark parts be?

I’ve dealt with depression for some years now and it took me until the past year to truly acknowledge it and transform it into a Beacon of light. I use it as a testimony and a way to spread love to others that may be going through the same thing or through similar circumstances. 

9] What is your favorite part of being a woman?

Everything! Except hormonal and emotional swings lol  

10] Do you practice any spiritual or religious beliefs at all?

I am a Christian but I use it as a firm base outlet to grow spiritually closer to God, not to idolize the religion itself.

11] Today’s society moves at the flick of a timeline, how do you slow down amidst the rapid on the go society?

I try not to play catch up with everything and everyone around me. The moment you start doing that is when things start to speed up and get out of control. Follow your own pace, life is a marathon, not a sprint.

12] What does it mean to be a WOMAN to You?

To be a WOMAN, to me, is to be revered on all aspects throughout the history of time, but also to have double the tenacity to fight, because there is still much we have to do to be more highlighted and respected in our world. It’s almost like in so many ways, we are the most slept on, because if we had the equity like the rest of the world, then we would control it. P****y runs the world, right? Lol