Dear Diary,

I’ve woke up after little to no sleep, I’ve missed quality time with my daughter and this circumstance is not ideal or wanted. A fucked Up sacrifice & hurtful at that. I know that it will not be forever but this ain’t it. This ain’t how I envisioned it. Well, the goal is set the intentions decided. The next step is belief and action. I can’t sit and think think think think think think think. I have to pull up on my dreams and live in them. So I am in a new mode, it feels awkward but necessary. I won’t apologize either because I’m not really sorry. Those that I love will surely understand because they will be in attendance and reap the love and growth of it. I am indestructible, I’ve seen God has hardened me, not maliciously but for war with what I had to accept. It was not always glorious it sometimes was tough and I wanted to quit, give up and stop. That isn’t an option. Rest is necessary I know that now but I also know that I don’t have to play their game but I can surely dominate it. I’m done being Meek.

Today was a mixture of purpose & GODfidence.


Written by Confident1al

Discovery within discovery, a place of genuine growth! Expressing through the many ways I feel comfortable and uncomfortable doing so....

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