So, I know Justice by another name and Kyla has not changed. I listen to these ladies podcast off the strength of supporting longtime friends but also because they are just fun to listen to. They take their audience and brand seriously, over their time as podcast personalities they have constantly rebranded and elevated their craft. It to me seems more like two close friends letting you in on their personal life to an EXTENT. They set boundaries but have transparent and thoughtful conversation. From stress to school to life overall they are far from regular but these ladies let me ask them a bit about their ideas and some few personal questions. Which were and weren’t answered. None the less here are the ladies of Extra Regular!

1.)    Extra Regular.? What inspired you to name your podcast with that moniker?

Kyla: My goal was to create a name for the podcast that allowed for us both to be individually represented. My creativity has often landed me with the descriptive of “Extra”. I asked Justice what word best describes her, she stated “Regular” and there you have it, The ExtraRegular. podcast. Moving past the descriptives, it’s an oxymoron which can sometimes describe the ups and downs, thoughts, feelings, etc. that come with day to day life as we know it.

Justice: ExtraRegular also describes the kinds of conversations that we have. These are authentic conversations between 20 year friends.

2.)    Pictures are said to be 1000 words, what picture do you want to produce and capture with your platform?

Kyla: I want to produce a real, raw and authentic picture. We often hear about the highlights of others lives and see those grandiose photos, but, we very seldom learn of the struggles, set backs, and drawbacks one experienced to achieve said moments. I want to show ALL aspects of navigating this thing called life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to share my experiences at all levels to maybe help someone else out in a similar situation.

I would like our listeners to walk away knowing that their experiences are not solitary. We aim to have real, honest, candid conversations and want folks to know they are not alone in their journeys. We all struggle, we all have triumphs and we’re not supposed to keep them to ourselves. Sharing our experiences, failures and wins is an internal obligation to me because I truly feel we do not go through things just for ourselves.  

3.)   You and Kyla have been friends for years would you consider this an extension of that bond?

I think since starting this podcast it’s honestly made us improve the communication within our friendship. With the hustle and bustle of life, communication was a piece that lacked in our friendship so that has improved immensely since starting the podcast. With that being said it can definitely be viewed as an extension and an added building block.

I think that it is. I hope that we can show that genuine friendship is possible. I think that in this day and time where folks “don’t trust nobody” or we here women saying “I don’t have female/woman friends” it’s important to show that it is possible. We’ve almost been friends for 20 years.

4.)    As a woman and the swift change in the paradigm of women and their empowerment, what does it mean to express that through podcasting?

Hmm, just creating a platform, having and providing the support women need, and expressing what it means to advocate for ourselves as women.

I think the ExtraRegular. offers the world voices of black women that may not usually be heard. Historically we’ve been portrayed as loud, argumentative, hostile, harsh etc. If you ever listen to the show we laugh a lot. We like to be as positive as possible and empower those who listen.

5.)    When did you realize your womanhood?

Whet? When I conceptualized the difference between boys and girls so probably 1995 lol. (Ok i won’t include that) This is a hard question. I think pregnancy really “brought me into womanhood”. In that time, I experienced many physical, mental and, emotional changes and truly grasped how amazing the woman’s body is.

I am still forming my own definition of what that means to me. The first thing that comes to mind is the literal scientific biological definition of a woman.The fact that I am a literal barer and cultivator of life is a key factor in that  

6.)    When did you believe in yourself more than your doubt?

When I didn’t have any other option but to believe in myself.

Honestly,I still have my moments. I have high expectations of myself.

7.)    What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome creating your podcast?

Finding time in my schedule to actual do it!

Starting it honestly. Podcasting is still a relatively new media, so there are many things for us to learn. We recently had a discussion about exploring into turning the show into a small business, but there isn’t much precedence out there for podcasting. Personally, the promotion of the show is the most difficult for me. I am not big on social media generally and you have to be when promoting a brand.

8.)    What does FEMININITY feel like to you?

I hate this question lol

Femininity is a GENDER CONSTRUCT that I occasionally use to my advantage  🤷🏾‍♀️  

9.)    In 12 words describe yourself ?

Nurturing, compassionate, mysterious, creative, funny, protective, loving, graceful, anxious, inquisitive, down-to-earth, pragmatic

Goofy, sarcastic, old soul, loyal,creative, genuine, empathic ,analytical, awkward, generous, regualr

10.) You get a soundtrack with 5 songs as you are in a space of creativity, what songs does the soundtrack consist of?

  • W.A.Y.S. x Jhene Aiko

  • Silence

Tadow- Masego (basically anything written, produced, performed by him)

The Thrill- Miguel

Earth Girls- Jesse Boykins III

No worries- NY-SAE

The Motive Used to Be the Melody- Sango & Xavier Omar (formerly known as SPZRKT)

11.) What opened you up to the world of podcasting?

A radio personality I admire mentioned her podcast on a radio show. Her podcast was the first podcast I listened to and I loved it!. Justice said she wanted to start a podcast of her own. I said let’s. And here we are.

I’ve always been interested in radio. There were other podcasts that I had listened to and I figured I could tackle it as well. There has been talk of  starting a show with friends for years before Kyla and I started The ExtraRegular.

12.)  Inspiration struck you and you created your reality, what motivates/inspires you, your work, and approach?

My brilliance. Seeing myself produce dopeness sets fuel to my fire.

My longing to share my stories and helping people. The show is also a form of therapy for me, my approach is a journey to healing.

Justice and Kyla, I want to thank you for being transparent and honest. Thank you for being a voice the subtle and powerful nature that your thoughts and words bring to this world is a gift, no need to be anything other than your amazing selves. With all that women do and accomplish, I would like to acknowledge and uplift you all in anyway that may possibly work.

Sidebar: Justice thank you for the gifts a few years ago to this day it has helped me become more expressive and for that I thank you. Kyla thank you for your personality you have always been a joy to be around.

I wish you ladies a higher level of prosperity, abundance, and success in all your endeavors.

These ladies are in motion and are not letting up, catch them on most podcast outlets “ExtraRegular.” and wind down as these ladies are literally the friends you may never knew you needed.


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