Thai was another collegiate acquaintance that turned into a very lasting and enduring relationship. We initially met as I was putting together an event in our University Student Union. There after movie nights, funny conversation, and back and forth jokes about the shapes of each others head ensued. Yet she has moved back to her home city of Los Angeles and through her brand has flourished as a premiere journalist. Covering the red carpet for a variance of blockbuster movies, secret screenings, along with premiere behind the scene coverage. She is blossoming and growing so without further adu let me introduce Thai Lee of ThaHeadline as we dive deep into all that her mind has to offer….

1) The thought of journalism is interesting, when did you find the passion?

·       I knew I had a passion for journalism at a very young age. When I was in the 5th grade, the faculty allowed students to read the morning announcements. The announcements were shown on the TVs in every classroom on campus. I enjoyed the feeling of challenging myself, knowing that I was being seen and getting good feedback for it and just the overall rush of preparing myself for whatever news and school lunch that needed to be announced for the day.

2) Thus far what has been your top 3 red carpet events?

·       My top 3 red carpets? That’s such a hard question honestly. Every red carpet that I was blessed to stand on whether I was the youngest, primarily the only female or the only black person. Each red carpet was terrific, a learning experience and another opportunity to network with some dope individuals. What I will say is, the one red carpet that I will never forget is my first! I interviewed Sugar Ray Leonard, Laila Ali, Jamie Foxx, and many other prominent people. Til this day, I remember the butterflies I felt as I stood there on the carpet, notecards at hand, standing alongside seasoned journalists from well-known publications, waiting for the interviews to begin. Although it was my first red carpet and first celebrity interviews, I would say looking back; I did a fantastic job!

3) So I see your name cleaverly incorporated and (you have a big head lol) , but where did the inspiration behind your brands name.

·       Hahaha… I’m glad you noticed! The name THAheadline honestly came to me as I was driving home from work one day. I was on the phone with my mom venting about how I was ready for a change and wanted to take a new direction in my life. She was pretty much validating my thoughts and feelings as I just rambled my thoughts out loud. Then, I swear to you, it was like God told me. Til this day, I couldn’t tell you where the name came from, other than Him. Ironically, it incorporated my name within the name lol. That same night, I went online, bought the name and started creating my site, and the rest was history.

4) As a connoisseur, what movies would you suggest as under the radar for 2019

·       I mean honestly, anything Disney this year is the go-to film! Also, I would definitely suggest seeing US by Jordan Peele! It’s going to be crazy!

5) who is Thai as the woman behind the brand?

·       Thai is super laid-back. Around her family she is loving. Around her friends she is a goofball with no control. Around her co-workers she is social but gets the job done. Around her sorority sisters, she is all in and makes sure no stone is left unturned. When she is alone, she literally plays music and sings her out and dreams of being a background singer lol (don’t judge me)

6) what made you choose your particular logo and color scheme?

·       My friend, Joe Franklin, designed the small “TH” logo. He has his own marketing company and helped bring my vision to life. The detail in the logo really stood out to me because not only does the “TH” stand for THAheadline but if you look closely, you can see my name, Thai, in the logo as well. I chose the color teal because it is my favorite color and teal brings a sense of calmness, clarity and trust-worthy. Something I want my readers and supporters to feel whenever they visit the site.

7) when you put out information are there any movie genres you avoid?

·       I tend to be open when it comes to movie genres. I have pretty much touched on every genre there is.

8) it’s movie night and you are picking 3 movies and food what’s the winning combo?

·       Ooooo… 3 movie! I would pick, Get Out for horror, Scary Movie 2 for comedy and The Fault in Our Stars as the romance. As for food, you can never go wrong with pizza and wings!

9) You’ve interviewed quite a few people, who has been your favorite to interact with? Why?

·       My favorite person to have interacted with is probably Ava Duvernay. She is so personal and just your every day kind of woman. She is down to earth and makes you feel comfortable when speaking with her.

10) What can we expect from Thai Lee in 2019?

·       What to expect is growth. I want to change the direction of THAheadline and bring different avenues to it. I want to do Vlogs and start a podcast. I also want to bring more topics to the site and not just cater to entertainment news. I still want the feel good vibe, meaning no gossip news, but I also want to be more personal and real with my audience.

11) If somebody was interested in getting in contact with you and your brand what ways would they go about doing that?

·       If they want to get in contact with me or THAheadline, they can email me at: or follow @THAheadline on Instagram and Facebook and me @iamthailee.

12) As a woman in the film industry and writing industry who are two inspirations in those respective fields to you?

·       Who inspires me is definitely Ava Duverney and whoever I will become in the future.  I stay motivated by watching true talent and by becoming one.

Thai for all that you do and all you will accomplish continue to be yourself, vibrant, beautiful, and amazingly gifted. It has been a pleasure to be a spectator of your journey and I can not wait to see what is in store for you next. Thank You for being a WOMAN IN MOTION!