Dear Diary,

Today I vowed to implement a change, I looked myself in the soul and spoke to the little boy in my heart.

After admiring him I decided to join him on the playground, he had such a wonderful smile. A stranger was not something he had met but shy was definitely his initial delivery.

We ran, laughed, raced, came up with games, literally turning nothing into everything. He was polite, pleasant, and jovial. With a grin, he asked me if I would come back again, maybe we could play football, or go swimming. So I smirked but was delighted to tell him yes I’ll come back that sounds nice. Fearlessly he lived, fell got back up over and over, was outnumbered, was smaller, yet none of those things seemed to play into his psyche. This little kid saw no obstacle he couldn’t conquer.

My chest swells as I know this little boy so well, he is I and I am him.

Yet I forgot what he knew that was most important, things happen but how you respond let’s you live in Heaven or Hell.

The one who saw the world as a playground. The one who lacked dissatisfaction, disappointment, and inner demons. The one who was bright eyed and full of vigor, energy, and imagination. He was happy, he was okay, pain was but a temporary moment.

It began to get dark and his only disappointment was that he had to await until light resumed to have this level of fun again. As I walked him home, he talked a lot, expressing his love for different people, places, and things. Not once complaining about his scraped knee or bloodied elbow. He just spoke LOVE, and as we reached the place I remember distinctly.

He said if you are hungry, I’ll ask my mom can you come in for dinner.

I kindly declined but told him take care of your brother and love and protect your mother. That little boy gave me everything I already had.

So today, it felt like playing outside…