So, I met this beautiful soul through an invitation to a meditation group entitled: Deep Breathes. At the time I was sincerely in such a rut, having lost my job, attempting to figure out how to truly be alone, missing my children, paired with this desire to grow. So my thoughts were what could it hurt. Well what it did was it helped and healed. Rahel decided to open up her fathers studio and host a weekly event which allowed the space to exist and not be required to have to negate our thoughts, stress, and the mental aspects we often neglect. We discussed in small to moderate groups and it was apart of my saving grace. Along with simply that her philanthropy didn’t stop outside of such, as we participated in helping the homeless during the holidays. Although it was a braiding station and I clearly can not French braid(trust I’ve tried on my daughters hair) I found a way to help. Yet her giving nature was on full display. The reason I speak in past tense is at the top of the year she decided to move back to her home country of Ethiopia. Which she has graciously maneuvered and even through self-apprehension made happen. Before she departed I sat down with her to discuss womanhood and below are here thoughts on such and a few other random facts. Without further adu, I present Rahel Daniels.

What does it mean to be a woman?

A caretaker, ultimate expression of femininity is being a great caring or take care of someone outside of yourself that you care. Healing and sharing love, fixing.

At what moment did you first realize your womanhood?

In progress

How would you define your ability to navigate this so called “Man’s World”?

My feminine energy has gotten me far in the direction I am wanting to go, I see how it was a difference in the workforce while asking for a raise in corporate America. I am navigating it well.

You are afforded a weekend retreat to talk and learn from 3 women(dead or alive) who would those women be and why?

Taitu married to ?.?- empress during time Italians forced out of Ethiopia. Understand her role in it.

Cardi B – I’d have her on speed dial, I believe she is a modern day saint and many can’t see it.

My fathers mother- to learn more about my father

Has your womanhood ever posed an issue for you?

Asking for a raise.

In 10 words who is Rahel?

Scorpio, Daughter , Creator, Photographer, Student, Friend, Lover, Thinker, Fighter, Foodie

Does your gender define you as a person or is it merely a function of your existence?

Yes it defines me because my tendencies are innately feminine.

I love to talk music, who are your go to musical artist?

Cardi B, Michael Jackson(interviews),

To me as a man, I feel feminine energy is the fluid and sensual expression of humankind, what ways do feminine energy find its expression through you?


Talking to people

What is your favorite color?

Indigo(Dark Blue)

Favorite Food?

Thai Pad Ki Mao

What made you begin Deep Breaths?(Meditation group)

Met a gentleman afflicted for depression, so the setting and follow community could help build a community. Also helps with open ended communication and various opinions.

What ways do you find peace?

Not sure if it’s something I find or experience, when things happen seamlessly or someone is looking out for me and I can’t see.

When identifying yourself what does that title brandish?

I’m simply Rahel…

How deeply have you met yourself?

Not sure!!

Rahel, I sincerely hope that all turns out well. That Ethiopia welcomes you and your spirit helps to lift any issues that you feel needs to be addressed there. Along with such I hope your connection we spoke on blossoms into something amazing. I know that your move was a big one and will require so much from you. In that I wish prosperity, blessings, and peace towards you and all future endeavors. It was an extreme blessing having becoming acquainted and thank you as you were more helpful than you may actually know!