Purring, vibratory greetings and explicit mantras.

Melody of passion, growing glowing galvanizing.

Applied pressure, slowly to a point of submission.

Delicately prowling, circling yet constantly calculating.

A perceptively enigmatic flow of words and silence.

I see you, no I feel you, yes I hear you, of course I smell you, better yet I taste you.

Engulfed, overthrown and cloaked by flesh your soul like a supernova bright and vast.

I declare that a piece of me wasn’t prepared. It was like a collection of stars amongst the sky. You were  glistening.

Shadows slowly falling behind and movies becoming formed on the walls.

My dear, you embody strength, finesse, and elegance.

Let’s tussle until we relinquish energy and exhaust all avenues of resistance.

Playfully & pretentiously you prowl and although you believe I am overwhelmed…

you are not the predator merely my beautifully skilled prey…