Diary of A Black Man #20

Dear Diary,

Last night was useful, this morning meaningful and insightful. Yes it definitely was that sort of transaction one that leads to deep introspection. How vivid things start to become, it’s like roadblocks are easily noticed and solutions simply manifest. Yesterday I grabbed some new lenses. I’ve decided to self care myself and love me first. Unfortunately that comes at the expense of losing those whose only intent is to use your care and wisdom for themselves. I’m at a place of calmness my piece describes it for the most part with a few omissions (Calm) it truly is a testament to my genuine feelings in regards to my path. Things will always be turbulent it’s the means to prosperity and growth. Soil must be broken to plant and to grow. So I simply look myself in the face and now my animal ambitions have slowly leaked into an unforgettable and rare aura. The fact of the matter is this version of my being has always been readily accessible but it needed to be honed. A severance, the irony that it included being the person that I’ve been but most never understood including myself. So those who were either aware or as confused as myself no longer hold value. Well possibly…

Today felt like an new upgrade…

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