Dear Diary,

Life is not easy currently it is actually quite uncertain. Yet in in my moments of patience I’ve filled it with fellowship. In the past few months I’ve performed a few times, began attending bible study, and frequent a meditation group. These forms of expression have removed me from the fear of destruction. My incessant belief that what I’ve worked my ass Off to have is to be stripped away, and that I am somehow unworthy of a blessing. That I should live in turmoil due to my mistakes and shortcomings of past transgressions. I believe that my circumstances have shown me to remain confident in even the most bleak moments that my quiet mind and sure heart will supersede any mere idea of unworthiness.

Every time the unknown arises, somehow God is in the dark maneuvering through the trenches. I’ve actually had a turbulent relationship with life and the issues I’ve encountered have sometimes held me hostage. Today I am breaking through my own obstacles and challenges effortlessly as if they are my zone of comfort. My passion has me leaping through situations that before would literally have me down and out. I’m assured in myself and realize that I will continue to be tested. My integrity and spirit are at peace… even in the midst of uncertainty.

Today felt anointed…

Discovery within discovery, a place of genuine growth! Expressing through the many ways I feel comfortable and uncomfortable doing so....

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