A woman that can listen to Angela, Malcolm, and Garvey preach. Watch Tasha creep, turn around and hear Anita sing, then dance til we get sores on our feet. Laugh at Richard, Eddie, Pam, and Bernie. Watch your back turn from child pose to a downward dog, Omar Epps am I in too deep. Play all your hoodrat anthems and see if you really a freak-a-leak. Roll tree and forget about the day we had, or discuss esoteric knowledge, astrology, and Matrix paths. Clue, Chess, Monopoly, and telestrations after dark.

Hit the gym and tell you to go girl! While I watch you squat. Hit up a happy hour and make it our new Wednesday spot. Rub your tension away and give you extra incentive to make tacos and clean. I am simply searching for Aphrodite, Cleopatra, Pam Grier, Yonce, shit you know a Queen. Make plans to stay in on Fridays and find new things to cook together. Find a purpose bigger than ourselves. Travel the world and see how many views of that ass I can double tap. I look you in the eyes to see a promise for the future to bad this dream might take forever.

I wonder if this dream is a foolish inquiry.

Is it too much to ask for a wife, who can fulfill all my wildest desires? Like, wipe my tears if they ever happen to show. Hold me close when I feel lost and out of control. Pray for me the same way I pray for her. Picture Sunday mornings and Saturday nights. I blinked and there you are, your name as well as mine light up dark moments. We make it home and catch long conversations in the car.

Blast the most zen filled lyrics like ” That’s Why I Fucked Yo Bitch” and then two-step to Al, Anita, Sade, Marvin, and Aretha. Make chores feel like more, errands as time well spent, and every vacation our Love travels to a new destination.

If the picture isn’t clear if the sound of my heart you can’t hear, my mind seems to sporadic to steer, my emotions so deep they become deathly sincere.

Then this daydream is not for you my dear!