Subtly I allow you to walk away, then swiftly I inject into your inner voice. Then miraculously I eject your fear, calmly quieting your apprehension whilst somehow building up a shield of self confidence. Wrapping my hands around your throat I begin to strangle all the doubtful rhetoric that readily leaves your mouth and I deeply insert confidence and power almost to the point of gagging you, yet that reflex shuts off and you quickly swallow every bit of courage that flows out.

Piecing together different options, we slowly become a place of infinite possibilities. Now shattering the weakness within you, your legs quiver from the constant pulse of lessons through failure and accomplishments through perseverance. Somehow you find it to be eerily unfamiliar, sometimes painful, but obviously apparent that your legs are now limp and frail from the shock. Absorbing passion finds refuge in your gut at first unsure of its capacity to sustain it somehow stretches and makes room that before could not even be fathomed.

Comfortably yet deeply running the circuitry of your nervous system haywire. Upgraded from outdated models to Maximum proportions. Hips swaying with flavor and sashaying with purpose. Feet ever so delicately rubbed but firmly soothed with direction. Somehow your hands cradle power, integrity, honesty, and most of all character. In tuned, your breathes start to rapidly speed up as both breast are covered with courage and fortified with the beating of a heart filled with Love.

Somehow the woman who quivered and shyly took the backseat sits TALLER. Blood infused with royalty, and DNA riddled with revere. Alchemy as the identity and entity that was once apparent has found its, SOUL. A connection that somehow left you completely off guard until…

You were able to take control!


to have power over