I sometimes reflect at the times we have on this physical level and then swiftly remind myself of the innate ability to elevate it through mental endurance. I somehow find rain as a invitation to emotional expression, night as a space of creativity. Love a construct that connects hearts, and music the melody of our lives grandest form of translation & expression. Yet somewhere there is someone who values objects, or turns people into such. As if a body is just a thing. Then I observe boys and girls who find security in material possession, monetary status, and roles of Authority.

Now should we find them in our life?

Absolutely, those creations were someone’s dream and manifested into our reality. Yet, should we idolize them merely beyond what they are, I believe not. Dreams slowly becoming lives and for others dying into vivid regrets and nightmares. I would be surely a fool to believe that my vision is not one of self interest but when that interest thinks of others it’s becomes this utopia. It builds a community of character. It deflects the idolization of cars, clothes, and abstract pieces of creation that in the right hand is corrupt and the left is a masterpiece. I then hold both hands at balance and realize that most of the objects of our affection.

If done properly are deep soulful LOVE otherwise it is merely just a thing!